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1h ago a tremendous ping and lag suddenly appeared when some Hong Kong Chinese come with their Galleon in M5 that created a lot of bloody ping. I was fuckin taming a bull of lvl 16 and started to rubber banding suddenly when they anchored their fuckin ship on the freeport shore and started to run to many points like crazy people.  

Is almost 1h30m and still fucking trying to connect to the server and I get all the bloody errors on screen with Host lost time connection and bloody stupid messages !!!! 

From my 50 FPS and low ping of 50~60 I reached at a ping of 150 suddenly when these fuckin Chinese came on this server !!! 


Restrict their bloody access to EU PVE Server !!! They cause a lot of server issues because of their far away Internet connection !!! It's impossible to play this game with so many off shore far away players who want to cause lot of ping and lag and so much shit that I have so much nerves right now because of your INDOLENCE regarding this performance serious issue !!! 

I bet I lost the taming and everything because of this stupid policy you have to protect some toxic players for benefits and much more. Sometimes before having lots of money you should also care about your customers not some retards who cannot understand that, IF they connect from Mars to Earth they cause a lot of performance issues to those from Earth (maybe you can understand this explained like this FFS !) 


Restrict the higher ping and low bandwidth connections outside Europe Server or these performance issues will be more and more a problem !!! 

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