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limiting land claims Limiting/Rebalancing of Land Claims. Let the top 10 truly be the top 10 by their player base and not by how many flag's they can spam

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I've seen this suggested before, and it really badly needs to be fixed, for both PVP and PVE.
Right now if you look at the live map of the top 10 companies it's not about how big of a company they have, but about how many land claim flags they have spammed across the whole game world. You see a huge cluster around two or three islands than you see all these random flag's spammed everywhere out at sea all over in nearly every grid. That and the fact that even solo players can spam flag's all over and can claim huge chunks of land for themselves just add's to the issue of there not being enough land for everyone.

Yes I get that you can steal land from players, yes that they made it so the more flags you have the smaller your timer, but the method of it is annoying and time-consuming. Like for pve needing to sit there for 4 hours to contest a flag, and if any person unrelated pass's by the time gets reset. 

Plus who has time to contest ALL THE WATER CLAIM SPAM?

The game as it stands isn't about pirating, it's about how much land you can own, and it's forcing more and more people to settle in lawless as that's all we have left at this point, that and many don't want to see all their hard work ripped out from under them just because they leave and go sailing, and with it taking hours to get to somewhere your land can be ripped away before you can make it back. This ruins the game for those in smaller companies or those who like the solo challenge. Most my time in ARK PVP was solo, and I enjoyed it. in Atlas? Not so much.

Also we shouldn't be forced to join big companies to enjoy the game we bought. If we want to just play with a group of friends we should be allowed to, and not be forced to join a bigger company just to make any headway in the game.

My suggestion is simple:
Limit the land claim to 1-3 per player, along with 1 water claim.
If you are in a company, Limit the land/water claim to 1 extra per X amount of recruited players, let's say 5 for a starting example. 

So a company of 5 would still have the extra1 land and extra 1 water claim, if they get a 6th member, that boosts them to 2 land and 2 water capping at 10 members. They get an 11th member, they now have 3 land and 3 water.

If you join in with a company, any land/water claim you have is removed after 6 hours. This to counter people abusing the system by starting solo than joining up once they claim land, and it gives those who join a company a safety timer to get their stuff moved before their flag poofs (because resources are heavy and it can take several trips). You can also limit how many allies you can have to avoid people just running everything solo with everyone just set as allies.

This will encourage companies that truly want to get big to recruit more players and own a land claim size that they can reasonably support with their player numbers. Let the top 10 TRULY be the top 10 by their player count, and not by how many claims they can spam across the whole world.

This will also allow smaller companies and those who like playing solo for the challenge a chance to own and control land that is reasonable to their size. 

It will also change the focus of the game more to its theme, Pirating.
Let raiding and exploring be the main focus, and not about wiping people and trying to steal as much land as possible. Let land stealing from others be the focus of those who are able to expand by adding more players to their company, or for new companies looking for a spot. This can make land disputes truly be disputes.

I would also suggest a hard cap on how many max land claims a company can have regardless of size to avoid the servers being overrun by huge companies that eventually just take over the world. With how big of an area a single land claim is, and the limit of what was it? 500 players per company? (and a lot of them the Chinese players) that's a lot of lands used up even with this limit in place. So a hard cap need's to be set, or after a set player amount you need more and more players to gain that extra land claim. So say if you have 50+ players. instead of every 5 for a new land claim its every 10 players.

Land is limited as it is, and with the current system, there's not an inch of land to be had even in the tundra areas as that's where most have all gone too. Adding in the tax system didn't fix the issue either, it just made people all the more greedy to own as much land as they can muster to get more of that tax.

With this kind of suggested limit, players will control only as much land as they can support with their player count, it'll free up large sections of land that are currently just spam claimed by solo and smaller companies.

This is a pirate themed game, not a SimCity themed game.


Just look at this mess. Is this REALLY what the main focus of the game should be?!






Please like and upvote this post if you agree that a pirate themed game should be about PIRATES and not about getting as much land as you can!


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