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pve Stone structures can be made from STONES + ADOBE (thatch + animal shit)+ metal (reinforcement addons). It would be more realistic :)

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  1. 1. Stones structures should be made of :

    • Stones + Adobe paste [ made of thatch + organic materials (animal shit) ] + Metal (for more consolidation in future tech tree skills)
    • Metal + Organic paste ( sap + fibers) + Stones + Tatch + Wood
    • Metal + Stones + Tatch + Wood

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The moment they make wood or thatch look different than ruined remnants of apprentice attempt to build something without tool I will stop caring. But right now stone is the best (even if its at most mediocre) looking building material. 

Edit: btw. this is a game, we can talk about how realistic would be building stone buildings with the tools available. Or even better, wood ones. Nope, i will stick to fun/not fun comparison. 

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Where's the: revert stone to the way it was and include a "re-inforced stone structure which requires paste + metal"

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