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@Jatheish I respect how much you are doing to keep the community updates and informed, I know you respond to tweets and forum post, but let's be honest you are one man, and there is  basically aside from you NO ONE handling community post, comments, etc.  You guys really need to hire a group of people to read the threads, comply a list and have conversations with them about what the community is saying.  One person can not do that all.  

There is a thread with almost 700 replies on the outrage of stone changes, and yet there's not even a single acknowledgement of "we hear you" or "we're looking into it".  It's complete silence.  Some people will leave completely even if it gets changed back to the original.  There has to be some sort of line of communication.  Also, why don't you guys once and for all make a TEST server, and get some people to actually test out changes you guys are thinking of implementing.  It is not a hard concept  to do, a LOT of companies do it.  It helps find bugs, or tester can say "hey this isn't going to work" or "this is way to far scaled this way".  Instead of just pushing it out and hoping it's going to  be okay. 

You guys are in EA and of course there will be bugs/issues, no matter what,  but you can curb those if you take the time to  get community managers to look at the threads and say "hey this is coming up a lot" or "here's some issues people are bringing up",  "hey were getting a lot of suggestions for this".  Listen to your community and for the love of god get a TEST server, and get some people who would LOVE to hop on and test out changes you are working on. 

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