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Jack Shandy

Cargo and war ships

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Can you separate constructed weight from weight in inventories?

Edit for clarity: make each ship have 2 weight stats, one you can use for building/cannons etc, and one for inventory capacity.

If so you could have 2 or more classes of each ship.

A high constructed weight / low cargo weight for war ships.

A low constructed weight / high cargo weight for cargo ships.

Or any combination you wish to implement.

If you implement something like this you can go further, how sails perform on each type, bonuses for gunports, crew limits etc.

Greater variety without needing new assets, can't be bad.

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I'm trying to understand your suggestion, but it's really not clear to me what you mean ?

What do you call construction weight ? Everything you build on the ship counts towards to ship's weight, so if you want a high cargo ship just build the strict minimum of structures on your ship, leaves most weight to cargo. If you build lots of structures, cannons, doors, walls etc your weight left for cargo will be lower as your overall ship is heavier...

If I read your suggestion like that I'd say it's already in game...


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