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Devkit Changelog - V315.3

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:anchor: released patch notes :anchor:

:skull: current v315.3 :skull:

v315.3 - Epic Games Launcher

  • Fix for a blocking crash scenario



  • fix for loot table overrides



  • Updated ServerGridEditor tool
  • Fixed versions of files that were having compile errors when loading PIE
  • Updated PackageInfo.bin to resolve file bloat when cooking mods



  • Includes all current ATLAS Code and Content
  • Includes the new Ocean World Layout



  • Includes Mega-update 2 content
  • Optional Ocean Map files can be downloaded by selecting it in the installation options of the Epic Launcher
  • Includes Blackwood files



  • Includes Mega-update 2 content
  • Integrated several mod community requests:
    • Added JSON object library.
    • Added blueprint interface for anonymous communication between mods.
    • Added helper functions for:
      • Searching for creatures by ID.
      • Retrieving filtered class lists.
    • Re-enabled UObject counter in the devkit


  • Includes Mega-update 1.5 content
  • Optional base level file to use for creating non-seamless (ARK-Style) mod maps can be found here.
    • Fully setup with Ocean/daytime/weather functionality, ready to take any sublevels.


  • Updated Mod Uploader
    • Ensure you signed into the steam client before attempting to upload.
    • If you are not (or cannot) sign into the steam client, then the old steamCMD uploader will be used as a fallback. If you get a black screen from it... enter your steamgaurd code into the blank screen and hit enter).
  • Workshop Tags can now be set.
  • You will no longer be signed out of the steam client if you use the new uploader.


  • Fix for control input binding



  • Includes fix for appending inventory engrams not persisting after a server reboot (The fix was introduced in 16.26 of the live game)
  • A new array has been added to the PrimalGameData called 'AdditionalEngramValues', and this array supports stacking for mods. With it, you can add items, buffs, feats, and stats to existing engram skills, making it possible to modify existing skill trees without having to make entirely new ones.

AdditionalEngramValues Properties:

  • ForEngramClass: This is the existing core Engram (Skill) to add the new values to

  • EngramItemsToAdd: Additional craftable item entries for that Engram

  • EngramItemsToRemove: Remove preexisting craftable item entries for that Engram

  • EngramBuffs: Additional Buffs to give with that Engram. (and if desired, you can override preexisting Buffs by using a higher priority on the new ones with the same Buff Name)

  • EngramFeats: Additional Feats to give with that Engram. (and if desired, you can override preexisting Feats by using a higher priority on the new ones with the same Feat Name)

  • EngramStats: Additional Stats to give with that Engram.


  • Fix for key events. Using the 'EnableInput' node to add an actor to the input stack should now result in the successful execution of key events in the event graph.


  • Updated Steam VDF template to point to proper
  • Fixed a crash with test server binaries.
  • Added null protection on the PrimalGameData_BP for the game mode value.
  • If a Base Mod has any EngramBlueprintClasses entries (in that array specifically), then ATLAS' default EngramBlueprintClasses now become completely overridden (previous behaviour was just to Add).  So now if a Mod just wants to add Engram Skills, then simply use AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses. Whereas if a Mod just wants to remove specific Engram Skills, use RemoveEngramBlueprintClasses.



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