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Ship Add-on's for transporting and a few little ideas.

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i have a few ideas for animal transport and maybe used for a few other things.

1. ship addon wooden crane this will be a way to pick up animals and put them on your ship a simple way to hook an elephant or rhino and stuff like that to pick them up and put them on your ship this also could be used for a storage platform as well for you be able to have the platform with movable storage like crates.

2 ship add-on animal storage cages to stop them moving around to lock them in place like the crew is locked on sails the sizes of the cages will depend on the size of the animal.

3. with animal storage and crane come to animal trading to npc away to make gold by selling animals to an npc at free port.

4. marine ship and wanted system for  pve if you atack npc ships you gain a wanted rank the higher the rank more merine ship might come after you .

thank you for reading sorry for any bad spelling or gramma 🙂

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