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pve EU-PVE Looking to Trade/Buy BP in/around L10

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Ahoy matey, 

I am looking for some blueprints to tier up my company.

We managed to sustain at least 4 different kinds of all ressources, so everything from journeyman quality would be awesome.

We are especially looking for:

  • Plate armor with HP, DMG and high armor values 
  • Hide and cloth armor with high values in Int, weight or maybe stamina
  • Fur armor with health or fortitude and good insulation
  • All kinds of high damage/dura weapons/tools/cannons (cannons: ship, swivel, large and balista)
  • Sails with good stats (Medium and large, speed and handling)
  • Planks/Gunports/Decks with good durabilty
  • A Dinghy ship hangar
  • Wood ceiling, wall, door and roof with high durability. 

What we can offer in exchange:

  • We have a variety  of ressources to offer like:
    • 5 kinds of fibers, thatch, wood, keratinoide and hide
    • 4 kinds of stone, oil, saps, coal, flint and gems
    • Gold
    • And if the BP is really good, maybe even some of our tames (Elephants, Rhinos, etc...)

 So if you are around L10, have something to offer and want to trade, just let me know here in the forum.





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