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Fatal error everytime i cross zone

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Im getting so sick of this, some days i get a fatal error everytime i cross a zone, other days i can run thru zones, without any issues. 

I´ve verified files, i´ve reinstalled the game, at this present state, this game is unplayable for me, and im so close to give up on Atlas.

Somehow i hope this can be solved, hence i would hate to leave my mateys behind, but getting kicked every zonechange sucks so bad, and when im alone on a ship, im greeted by 3 SOTD upon relogging back into the game, and i can spend my mats fixing my ship cuz i chrashed.

I´ve seen ALOT of reports on this issue, but now im at the brink of just quit the game, and ask for a refund. This is for me atleast a broken game. 

Im playing on the Sirens call EU-PVE 
This is a copy of the chrash msg. im getting. 
Playing on a 8 core amd bucket with 16 gb ram / 1070 Founders Edt. 8 GB gpu. 

Any assistance, would be greatly appreciated 




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