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Issue Resolved..FPS drop caused by Faulty Video Hardware

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Video Hardware overheating and causing the issue. RMA'd the Card.



Game was working perfectly on EPIC settings with ~60-80FPS with no lag spikes or freezing even when playing for 4+ Hours at a time and in many different environments and graphical loads;  on the sea, in a huge base. All was well.  But then something changed and now the FPS drops to 2-5 for no reason and spikes my GPU to 100%.

My System has an Nvidia GTX 1080Ti with i7 8700k with 16Gb RAM and latest Nvidia and MS  Windows 10 updates and drivers. Was working fine at launch and for a long while there after. Recently I have been getting massive lag spikes down to 2-5FPS and while that's going on the GPU is maxed at 100%. It lasts like 2-5 minutes then it goes away for 5 minutes or so, then comes back with no real reason or pattern.  It happens on the seas. in the woods. even sometimes in a building at night with low lights.  
Does not matter if  I set the graphics to low or epic. Same result.  I was running on mostly epic before with a couple settings on high. it was working just fine until around the release of patch 11 or shortly there after and now its unplayable. 

I have tried verifying the cache in steam. completely reloading ATLAS after an uninstall. Removed graphics driver completely , reloaded a previous version. then removed it again and installed the latest version. 
Nothing seems to help.  Like I stated it was not an issue prior to 4-7 days ago and now the game is unplayable. 
This PC plays all the latest games on epic settings with 60-100FPS and when Atlas is not tanking the GPU with these graphics lag spikes its running 60 - 80ish FPS. 
I have lost hope that there is anything I can do on my end.  Something that changed in a recent patch has destroyed the game for me.  I can not be the only one. 

Added a Pic of the Stat FPS just before a freeze with ~60 FPS then the FPS hang and the task man Pic during a freeze. 

Wanted to add that this is happening on Public PVE and PVP Servers as well as a private server on the same LAN as this PC.  All others on the private server are not having this issue. and ARK and many other games are working perfectly and not ever maxing the GPU like this or freezing in this fashion.


GPU Maxed Out.jpg

GPU Maxed Out 2.jpg

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Problem Solved

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Withdrawing this Bug Report.  My Issues were caused by Hardware Failure.  My Water cooled Video Card is low on coolant and not cooling properly and the overheating card was causing the issues.  I have RMA'd the video Card.  


Love the Game...  Keep up the good work....

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