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robin trilliams


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3 hours ago, NMR said:

Ofcourse i see the problem.

But isnt it funny tbh.

The devs only takes action when they are flamed. They do nothing about all other things that actually players are worried about.

I personally play this game solo. How hard is it for a dev to enter admin mode ingame and for an example give an ship that took a week to build back to someone that lost it to the yellow gook midget kim jong un wannabe chinese fucktards with small willys that sunked it due to the weight exploit. Its things like that and other broken things that made me flame the hell out of these p12 devs that cant do anything right.

So yes. I hope they all die in cancer.

I paid for this. I choose a pve server to sail around and have fun.

I havent had anything fun in this game only being frustrated to all exploiters and cheaters. And devs doesnt care. 

The game is early access and u paid the half price. No one ifs forcing u to play a buggy EA !! And when u think its an ez task to spawn a ship back than u are wrong and the other problem is... when they d it for one, everyone wants this service and this is not managable. I prefer GS is putting game in development and not in caring for bullshit ppl like u ! U actually dont even deserve any help... U mindset is literarilly disgusting...

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5 hours ago, Talono said:

A cool new nail in the games coffin. Of course it is fully ok to ban racists and cheaters.

But as always, the accused person is not contacted to give him the chance to defend himself against the accusition.

It is not like in a democracy, more like in „Judge Dread“, so devs are police and law combined in one person😂

If you are guilty or not will not be checked. So you are always guilty if some clown reports you with a false accusition.

For all the things GrapeCard can fairly be criticized for, banning without evidence is one I’m dubious about. Yes people get banned without having a chance to defend themselves, but when the evidence is chat logs of you saying racist stuff ingame, at that point what is there to defend? Offenders aren’t being imprsoned or e executed, full due process is neither necessary or warranted. It’s just a game.

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OP, I've been given your full ban record to review. You were banned for extreme racism in game with clear evidence. Your ban will not be revoked. 

This thread is getting a little off-track so I'll go ahead and lock it now. 

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