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Im playing in EU PVE Sirens call server.

I recently stumbled on some islands in at least two zones so far(A11 AND e11),

Where I found islands,that dont show on the map,and nothing grows on them...alpha alpha islands? not sure are these forgotten islands or what..kinda dangerous you dont see nothing on map,boom you almost on a mountain with your boat..

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I found a 'ghost' island around E11; wasn't on the map, went in to anchor the sloop and make landfall and it behaved like Ocean. I could sail right through it. Then a SotD spawned behind me and I started to run, only to watch the SotD run aground on the beach I'd just sailed through... 

Had a week's worth of trade goods and seeds on board, so I didn't think to get evidence for bug report and my memory is too vague about location to report now 😞

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