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New Ship Option Settings Suggestions

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Ship Option Settings:

A lot of new pathfinders or pathfinders with experience will get a ride on a ship as passenger to move to other grid from Freeport or something else. Now is it not possible to get on the ship, because of the ship weight/crew limit. My suggestion as follow to make it possible:

- Passenger Invite: Company need invite the passenger on ship; and is the passenger not invited, it will not allowed to jump in.
- Passenger Max Weight: 100 (number change possible); Above the max will be kicked outside the ship.
- Passenger Reserve Slots: 1 (number change possible); Same as the weight it, will be kicked on the max (count of slots will taken from the original ship crew).

This was it for now, more suggestions  are welcome.


Hope you like my suggestion, feedback's and/or reactions are welcome.

Thank you for your time, that you wanted to read this.

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