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Sovereign Snow

bug Send Tame To Ship - Vanishes

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Lost my Elephant just now. Got it close to the side of my Brig, then held E on it and "Send To Ship." It vanished. I looked up from the top of my masts, I swam down to the bottom of the sea. I looked around my base and even relogged. I even asked an alliance member if they could see it, and I could not. The Elephant is gone.

cheat TP K7 148304 62731 549

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The same thing happen to me. Sent de bear to the boat, I see it on the boat for 1 seconds then he slide to the water and disappear and die a few moments after. It happen twice in 3 days... 

You should look into it. It was a wild level 14, it’s a good thing it didn’t happen with our high level... yet.

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