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still cant get into the game

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why was my post deleted?


i have 4.5 hrs of game play, all of it spent trying to get into the game, i get to the character creation page and after 5-10 seconds game freezes and crash's, sometimes with error code sometime with nothing and straight back to my desktop, getting very frustrating now.... from what i have read there are a lot of ppl with the same issue, im all for the updates, but maybe you should prioritise ppl being able to get into the game over in game changes?
i7-5930k cpu @ 3.5ghz
Radeon RX 570 series
32gig ram
more then enough room on HD to run
windows 10

so pc is not the problem.

tried changing graphics quality
running as admin
checking files
updating drivers
32gig ram
more then enough room on HD to run
windows 10

so is there a fix for it? or one coming?

atlas error.jpg

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