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Dear Admins & Owner,

As all we can feel and see people are leaving .

They are trying to find other games or making RP things in this game because its getting boring.

You can easily see the numbers in your data and we can see in game or twitch viewer counts.

So I wanna say something about gameplay.


At the begining Atlas; 
People really like the begining content. Gettin raft, hitting trees, making food from small animals. And you could see the others in freeport making the same things. Thats feels good because new adventure is coming up.
Begining is great.

After a while ;
People learned and made most of the things quickly and goes to big island and get claim and start to make their own base and then big ships.
They start to sail and PvP 

From here that was oke.


But after ;
-People everyday logged in and see they got raid while afk, and then start to build again 3 times or 4 times may be 10 times?. Or trying to find any other island that they can live.

-Some people not . They made huge bases they are crowded and they are powerful. So what they did ? Log in and they see everyday same base nothing special. 
After some tries, they dont even get attacked. They sailed and defeat smaller groups. 

Yes there is so many other things, treausures, bosses there is many other things to do but they are not the main contents that why i dont wanna write it longer... 

The common feel with these 2 subject is ; People start to get bored from the game. 

*I dont wanna even talk about crashes bugs cheats or any detail of EA.


At the begining , you owners feels good as well like players when you see the numbers of people who bought the game. Good viewers on twitch , everything was great for you.

But the hard thing is "not being the number 1" , the hard is " stay in number 1" 


From my view there is so many faults made by you that effects people leave.

I'll write only 1.

- You made everything possible with farming in game in 1 month if you had the good numbers active player online, its not a big deal.

So the big teams has no important goals.

If you wanna Atlas life longer , you should not allow players to get everything with farming. They have to enjoy from something.

For example ;

To make Galleon (or other important things in game),  

You would add  req. material that can be found from the boss .

That boss can be spawn only 1 island. And these island(or server) only accessable when player have 50+ level.

And from 1 company(including allies) total 15 players allowed.

When you kill it , that material drop rate could be 1/10 and boss spawn time could be real 48 hours.

So in 1 month only  1 time drop with enjoyable moments? 


Or you can make the similar things like that.

While collecting gems or other important items, you should not allow players with only farming .

Make the people get in some dangerous special not buildable islands with special animals.

And people can face with other enemies and at the same time  specials animals that droping gems with drop rate 5/10?. 

That islands can be located each region. Every region may be 2?


That example may not be avaliable for the game or may be you don't even like it but what i'm trying to say is ;

"You should change the gameplay, wipe the all servers and think that similar things as i said and put yourself to players place, emphaty"


*Sorry for my bad english thats all i can do.

Kindly Regards.


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I don't really see an issue with the content and the rate of getting through the content as it stands atm. The game is just lacking long term content to play. The offline raiding and ship sinking gets old rebuilding I agree with that. The game has a lot of work to be done to really give it the depth to make it a long term play mmo. Some of the current "End game" content is a bit silly, doing powerstone on islands where killing stuff is excessively tedious, all the mobs come to the shore as soon as you show up and the way to succeed is literally running in over and over and over until you get lucky and don't die is just not even appealing to me, I would rather see it be an actual dungeon run where you go in kills mobs (which are killable for a reasonable cost) and open doors along the way and dying multiple times leads to needing a new key. The real ghost ship I have personally never seen and from what I hear is very hard to take down although this latest patch made it easier they say. I haven't a clue if the content after unlocking all the power stones for the Kraken and the ice dungeon is that fleshed out or a bit meh too. But I also realize they released a very unfinished game so I'll just be patient, the numbers will fall and rise, and eventually during any server wipes in the future before the official release I would expect influxes of past players and new players. The decrease isn't a bad sign or abnormal. There are so many hours of content and other games to play. People will come back when there is more content.

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