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Bear Bug

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Server: Unofficial
Issue: Tamed Bears and riding bears for the last few days have been glitching. Started last Wednesday (15th/16th) (possibly after a patch that was released?) a friend had her bears start to flicker in and out of existence, as if they were but weren't there at the same time. Would appear as if they were there (aka couldn't walk past the spot etc) and if she was able to ride it at all, would get kicked off and glitch out as if it wasn't actually there, same if she accessed the inventory- would kick her out of the inventory and glitch out. She has 2 other bears in her company that seem fine however.

I also just freshly tamed a bear not 30mins ago from sending this. Here and there I am kicked off the bear and I either float in the air in the mounted position or am on the ground next to the bear. Its as if I am dismounted but I can't remount (even if I can see the '[E]: Ride' prompt), I also can't move my toon or do anything else at all. I could still control the bear the first time, even though my toon was swinging punches if I attacked with the bear whilst floating in the air 'mounted'. Had to relog to fix the issue.  

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I am the friend with the glitchy bear, and just wanted to add that I've tried a few things to see if I could fix i myself - I've swapped saddles, got it attacked by something, had it fight something, punched it, relogged, leveled it up etc.  Myself and one other company member can see it flickering in and out every few seconds, whereas our other member can't see any flickering but still gets kicked when riding it and access inventory etc.

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