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pvp ~AUS~ (14/1) RebornPVP 25x (Boosted) 2x2

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Server name: Wipe[14,1]RebornPVP25x (2x2,Boosted,lvl100,More to Come)


RebornPVP's ATLAS server has been around for at least almost 2 weeks, it was recently wiped on the 14th as the server is still in some minor testing. A few things may change at some point to try and keep it balanced, or to keep it so people enjoy it and have fun. RebornPVP originally was a 4 (5 being a pve, non clustered) server cluster containing Rag, Island, Center and Extinction, however the Island, Center and Extinction server were closed down for the time being for the ATLAS server to work. There is still a Rag server, currently set to wipe somewhere next week. The rates are 100x and boosted stats and levels, along with mods. 

As for the ATLAS server, if you join and have feedback for it, feel free to, we (McDonaldsInternet, the owner, and me, a server admin) will gladly take it and look into whatever you give. Currently the players on the server enjoy playing on it, PVP is always ready. We, the community of RebornPVP, are always looking forward to seeing new pirates join!

So far crashing issues, bugs or glitches are very minimal, so your fun will not be ruined by this! Enjoy your stay!


:compass: | Grids: 4 (2x2)

:map: | Islands per grid: 7-10

:wheel:| Server Owner: McDonaldsInternet

:pirate_mask: | Host: Streamline

:hook: | Rates: 25x

:sword: | MaxLvl: 100(101) However, every discovery increases max level by 3 levels)

:sword: | Max wild lvl: 80 roughly. (Alphas are boosted with this so take extra care!)


We have a discord link, feel free to ask and join 🙂

Happy sailing, and happy pirating! :sword::pirate_mask::hook:

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