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Hello So multiple companies on Turtle Island have had Lions Randomly Spawn inside the base and pretty much wipe our entire crew out when we were offline and destroy Perserving Bags Etc Etc 

We own the land we built on and we also have had Giant Snakes Glitch thru our Base and killing our small animals thru walls.  Is there a legit fix for this we keep building more levels and placing animals up there for safety and it seems the lions are able to still jump 2 stories and aggro everything and kill Npcs thru walls and grab them and pull them outside .


 The Last issue we have in the NA PVE c4 region is the weather doesnt make sense. we were experience a cold front, Rain and a heatwave all at the same time.  screen shot is below



Spicy Guys Company 

Na PVE (C4)

In game Hav Mercy

2019-01-16 (6).png

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Nope, the tame spawning inside bases, i think they don't really but when somebody is rendering your base they phase through walls, its still happening on Ark, won't be fixed here anytime soon, i don't even think there is a fix, or maybe they just don't know how to fix it

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