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Trying to clear the Air

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I see the CoC. So is Atlas getting a Ban list just for Atlas or is the ark ban list carrying over? your Ban list has carried over to dark and light. 


As Jat said

"We don't have any decision/influence/say with Dark and Light, whatsoever. Our banlist is public, anyone can use it if they so choose, and if they're using BattlEye, then when you're banned from 1 BE game, you're banned from em all.""

You have Decision and influence in Atlas. 

I was Banned in Ark. Can I play on Atlas official Network??? no one is saying anything about it but like usual you were really shy about this subject in your community. I dont want to buy a game I cant play and you guys are development team and I don't know who else to ask?

Like I said clear the air grapeshot!!!!!

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If you got banned on BattleEye you will remain banned on any game that uses battlEye.


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ok that's not my question and that's the same answer I get all the time. 

I got Banned for a CoC for Ark thing I'm guessing not sure because they could never tell me. as for the battleEye thing go. we all know what battleEye is a anti-cheat software that protect battleye servers . BattleEye has there on global banlist and if i was on it I would be on there forum boards.

once again I'll ask will I am banned on the official Network for Atlas not battleEye!!!!!

There is a list for BattleEye.

There is a list for Ark.

Where is the list for atlas?

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