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Let's talk about Tames: Tidbits about different pets and my Must Have list

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This thread is not about taming is broken or taming sucks or tames cant live, etc. 

Its for those of us working with the system and trying to improve it, and those who want more information about tames.

#1 Taming Change Needed IMHO: Riding skills should be separate branch of the tree. Its stupid that for riding 2 you need taming 1 and breeding 1 (and commands 1 but not commands 2).  For riding 3 you need taming 2 and breeding 2 (and commands 2 but not commands 3).

You shoudnt need to know how to breed or tame to ride.  (you can make an argument for needing commands, but even then, because i can ride a pet shouldnt require me to be able to whistle it about to attack/follow/stay put, etc).  Move riding to the survival tree.

Onto pets...

For me the must haves are:

  1. Bear - Probably the most useful tame to have.   Now that you dont need honey to get it, its even easier.  It solves all your fiber and berry/vegetable needs. It can haul a cargo wagon around to move a cannon somewhere to assault something (if thats your thing).  Its a fairly decent fighter.  Really good as a pack horse for other gathering people or animals. Should be gotten as soon as possible.
  2. Elephant - Solves your wood issues.  Hauls a lot. Decent fighter, less than bear.  Can seat 3 people, the two on the sides can fire weapons while mounted on it.
  3. Rhino - Solves your stone and metal (if metal node)  problems.  Fun to get a head of steam on.  Little pesky to tame as they seem to resent it.
  4. Ostrich - Fastest land mount.  Mine can sprint for 4 minutes (timed) without stopping and nothing on land can catch it.  Not great for much else, but love it for getting around
  5. Tiger - Solves your meat and fish needs (can kill most fish in 1-2 hits). Fast mount, great fighter, bleed attacks allow for hit and run if you want. Nice leaps too.  Cute when you level it up.

Other pet notes FYI

  • Giraffe - Almost as fast as Ostrich. Can seat 2 people. Can run in water where other animals or you would be swimming.  
  • Wolf - Almost as good as tiger, no bleed attack, but i do think it still gets a pack bonus if you have multiple ones. Good for meat and only tier 2 so less points needed than tiger.
  • Parrot - Easy to tame inside cage. Gives fortitude bonus based on its level
  • Monkey - Gives a Heal over Time buff, and who doesn't love to throw poop at people.  Easy tame
  • Crow - Gives an intelligence buff, tame like parrot.
  • Chicken for eggs, Cow for milk - Able to cook some decent food (and hopefully more recipes as time goes on)

Just my thoughts, ill answer questions if i know em....

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I 100% agree with you on switching the branches, I also don't think that riding should take nearly as many skill points as regular 3 level branches.

We have tamed most things but just the monkey for shoulder pets(super useful for the healing buff when exploring).  Not sure if best food has been coded but we've found a berry called Schisandra seems to give the most taming percent per feed.  

Bull - Since the Bull / Cow are seperate there are some differences on this one that should be noted.  It can get thatch, but your pick is still better than it.  If the Bull is meant to be the thatch gatherer in the same way that Elephants get wood, then there needs to be a buff to them.  Otherwise mine just sits in a barn waiting to be useful.

Horse - Same mechanics as Equus in Ark, can harvest berries/veggies quickly like the bear but not at the same level and can knock things out with it's rear kick that does massive torpor.

Drake -  So I've only grabbed this one in some testing in private.  Has a massive health pool and decent stamina, if done correctly you could use this to hunt Ships of the Damned.  Could easily see this as being OP in PvP servers.

Taming traps for animals,  Since most things try to kill you while taming using the bola method, The best trap I've used is a door / wall configuration not just straight up doors.  Doors on corners and wall in the middle of a 3x3 square for most things(elephants need bigger).  The wall in the middle helps provide cover so you don't get hit when they start thrashing.  I've not tamed any of the small birds so I don't know what type of cage would work best.

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The cage in pirates tree works best, can be tricky to get them to follow you in, but once you do you dont even have to be in there to finish the tame.

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Except they fly through cage as if it's not there sometimes. Flyers can be a major pain in the butt to tame sometimes. Usually you can crouch or go prone to get them to follow you in.  

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