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Wall Hooks on Ships - Too Many Structures?

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I'll throw this up here to see if anyone else has experienced this or perhaps a dev can resolve. The problem I'm experiencing is the message "Can't Place Wood Wall Hook: There are too many structures on this platform!"

Here's the problem, I CAN place another wall hook, just not where I want.

I am on a Brigantine and in the middle of the boat I get the above error. In the front of the ship, I do NOT get the error and can place a wall hook. I can also place a wood wall hood in the rear of the ship. 

In the area it tells me I can NOT place a wall hook, the game WILL allow me to place walls, ceilings, boxes, etc.

I thought perhaps I had placed too many wall hooks in that area, but after looking, there are 0 in the middle of the ship on any of the 3 decks. 

The only thing I can think of is that somehow the cannon ports are blocking placement of the wall hooks within an area of effect as it seems the wall hook "dead zone" is between the cannon ports and goes through all 3 decks.  Any help on how I can get some light in the middle of the ship would be very helpful.qXpQC8L.jpgieOBoiO.jpg

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