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UI and character glitch, can't acces inventory or menu, game crash

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Eu pve M6 zone

I log in, somehow the character/client don't seam to load properly. Half my UI is missing, i can't see any container, door menu. Boat name don't appear. I try to open  my inventory it open then close immediately. I can open door, but not a single container. I can hit tree and see wood going into the inventory, i see the hunger icons...

After a while battle eye kick me out for client not responding.

Try to relog but i can't rejoin the last cession.

If i force into joining a freeport i get into my character but the same bug appear. Made a post in general discussion and someone else have the same problem, so i guess i better fill in a report.

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11 hours ago, polarbear0g said:

have you found the solution to this?

Begin playing Atlas Click “Join New Atlas,” not Rejoin

Choose the server that your current character is on, but don’t create a new character

Once logged in, kill your character in whatever way you see fit (Jumping,hitting with fist etc)

Your map should now be green

Respawn at your home region, dont use any beds and get killed again

Respawn again and all should be fine

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