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pvp NA PVP Land available for Rent to Small Company Only

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 We have a small plot of land that is available to rent to a small company.(no more than 5).  The land sits on a beautiful lagoon that is completely Ally controlled.  It is built on currently, with some defenses and a small dock that the landlords may still use on occasion.  All crafting stations and a basic taming pen is included.  This area has served us well and will be a great place for a small company to get it's legs underneath it.  We were given this spot as a starter island and we feel its time to do the same.

Location: Temperate Zone ,Northern half of Map (more info given upon discord discussion)

Defenses: Mortars / Large gates / enclosed Stone building

Requirements: English Speaking / casual attitude / Ally will be required to keep our defenses from punishing you / Help where you can if we need defensive help

Rent: Payments on a weekly basis 250 g/week or equivalent resources may be agreed upon for the time being until you get ships going.

Concerns for new tenants: Mega Company not real far away but they have not bothered us much as of yet.


Send PM to me if interested

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