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Farming Skill Extension

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As far as I am aware, at the moment there is a set list of plants to farm and cultivate.  I would like to suggest that herbs be given the same.  My thought is that it is not in the game so as to facilitate trade and limit healing.  I am currently enjoying the need for specialization in the skill tree, and suggest that be the limiting factor on herb cultivation.  The way I envision it is by separating the ability to plant and harvest herbs and medicinal herbs into several skills.  One grants an herb pot for growing herbs such as mint, another allows for the cultivation of seeds from the herbs themselves.  The next allows a larger pot, or more refined pot to permit medicinal herb to be farmed, then an additional skill allowing seeds to be obtained from medicinal herbs, or a recipe to turn the herbs collected into the seeds.  These skills could be locked behind the Farming tree, or split between the Medicine tree and the Farming tree so as to further limit specialization and create Medicinal farmers.  The ability to harvest the medicinal herbs can also be locked to a final tier, giving a set of gardening gloves which grant the user--who also has the relevant skill--the ability to cultivate their herb crop.

Stay healthy, ye scallywags

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