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How to Stream Atlas with NO CAPTURE CARD (1 PC)

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Hey this is going to be a short and sweet guide for how to stream Atlas with only 1 PC. 

I use 2 monitors and for some reason every time I used StreamLabs OBS I would get horrible stream FPS drop.  No matter what setting I tried it would not work.  What finally did work however, is plugging my second monitor into the motherboard port and updating my Intel drivers...after you do that, try to use game capture to stream.  You should notice markedly better stream fps...I was sitting at 4-22 prior to doing this, and after I'm sitting at 50+ at all times, with everything in Atlas maxed (in game FPS is 40-80 at all times.

Mind you, I am using an I9990K with RTX2080, however...this fix should work for all of you trying to stream without a second PC and capture card...maybe not at all max graphical settings...but it will WORK.  I want to thank ghosteez from Stream Labs for working together with me to find this fix out.  I love Atlas, and Stream Labs...and am happy to finally be able to stream this game without much of a problem.

I did order a capture card to set up in my old PC, which I will use once I have it instead of this fix/workaround...but for those who cannot afford two pcs let alone a capture card, this is a very viable alternative.

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When we stream to YouTube and Twitch, we use always OBS.  I'm getting a decent enough 22-30 fps with no lag on epic settings.  I only have a Geforce 970.  It doesn't take a monster card to run the game well enough and stream it 🙂 My sons runs his at 30 fps with the settings set to high, not epic with his Radeon 560.

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