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Claiming Issues and Fixes

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Two Issues:

1) Claiming Taking HOURS where I have to set aside 6 hours of my playing and enjoyment of the game to babysit a claim is pointless and would make a few people quit playing this early on in the game.

2) Every time ANY random person runs through the claim my entire progress is reset, they aren't even from the company I'm trying to claim from.

Now I'm not opposed to the 6 hours, but making progress reset every time a random person runs through a claim is ridiculous, the company I'm trying to claim from haven't been online in more then a week. I suspect its school going kids, who have now gone back to school and will not be playing anytime soon.

How to Fix this "tiny" issue:

1) Allow me to move away from the flag, and that timer needs to significantly reduce the longer someone is offline...  a minimum of 1 Hour would be fine.

2) Just remove this, if a 3rd Party wants to join in on the claim war they should also need to place a flag to interrupt my claiming process, the only person(s) that should interrupt a claim is the company that I am claiming from, and even then it should never be an instant reset, it should tick down for them as it has to tick up for me.

I think I've been fair in my comment here, any kind of response from the Developers would be much appreciated.


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are you solo playing fully, or do you have a random friend or team mate with you?

Reason I ask, is what I do, is I take their sleeping body, build a 2x2 house and throw them in there to sleep. That way they are contesting if anyone walks by, and the claim isn't interrupted. (that's one of the reasons my old tribe leader is still in the group, we just toss their body around.)

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That no longer works i have a sleeping friend in a box in the claim.  The issue isn't leaving the flag as much as it is people interrupting the claim by just walking by.

I was logged in, in the claim area, for 2 hours/6 hours and some guy ran by and reset ALL my progress.

But thanks for the input 🙂

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I very much agree with this post. A sleeping body doesn't work, and even if you are in the area, then when someone enters it then the timer is reset. 

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. The timer should only reset when someone from the company you're claiming from enters the area.

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