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Moving animal to galleon at side bug

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We were exploring with our wolves, we went to put them back on the ship, one started floating away from the ship side parallel and eventually fell back to the ocean. My crew mate got him again to the side of the ship and moved him onto the ship and he started floating away again parallel to the ship, this time I was on deck and whistled him to me which he ignored and then he sank, he sank deep, so far I couldn't see his name, we swam down after him but couldn't see his tag (the distance on that is so bad by the way, too low for players and tamed animals) eventually we got the message he had been killed.

I guess he got stuck under the water/map, as to how he got dragged down was something to do with physics i guess.

Getting any animal onto the galleon is a mission, the brigs and smaller ships not to bad. Its slightly easier if the gunports are closed or you eventually end up trying to play a jumping game up the open gunports.

Animals dying when transporting them onto the ship is a thing, they do float away, they do sink into the ocean for some unknown reason.

Bug report filed.

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This has happened to me twice as well, moving a bear and a giraffe onto a galleon.

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