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claim Point-buy radius claim system

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Claim still quite an issue in the game. And not just because of numerous bug.

And with newly put taxation system, you guys practically encourage everyone just to go out there an put "empty" claim everywhere they could. So they would get taxes, but also also preventing "safe" building for everyone else.

First of all claiming obviously should be limited per person. Secondly - to make more customizable, so it would be simply one claim per person, make it as point buy:

A single person (either if he/she made company or not) should have at most 10 meter radius of claim. That's more than enough to either put small shipyard and build small cottage right next to it, or split it to two claim for shipyard, and small cottage bit inland). That also insure that there would be plenty of land to claim for everyone, if solo claims will be small. In any case, there is really no point giving 50-meters radius claim to a single person (rest alone multiple of those).

For company claims it should be simply accumulative radius from all company members. And likewise they are free to spend it how they want. 5-member company can go and try claim one huge 50-meters radius claim. Or they can go around and put numerous smaller claims.

In both cases no new claim should be allowed, until one of the older claim would be removed, or one of older claim would be reduced.


As of implementation. Would be bit tricky to put, but i think its possible.

Give everyone like a week to actually go around and play with that system. And after one week, what they finally set - would be implemented. Practically removing all old claim flags, but at the same time enabling all new claim flags.

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