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Freeport resources

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Made this handy manual by going around freeports to pick up all none normal (flint, stone wood, vit a, vit c, etc) resources.


If I missed any feel free to add.

A6: Copy of A10
A10: Beans, - Sap, coal, crystlas
C14: Greens, potatos - cold as balls, didn't find other resources
D8: Chickpeas - metal rocks, salt, crystal, tree sap - little islands contain nothing special
E4: Peppers, - Crystal, coal
E12: Copy of E4
G7: Cactus, Chili - Coal, salt, metal rocks
H13: Maze, beets and cactus, all near watering hole - salt
I3: Copy of H13
J9: Copy of G7
L5: Peppers, carrots - coal, crystal
L8: Copy of D8
L12: Copy of L5 - has predators?
M2: Copy of C14 - should add wolves, show people why not to pick the tundra
M7: Sugarcane, rice, beans,- metal rocks, coal, saps
M9: Copy of M7

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J9 has pure metal, took advantage of that when making cannonballs

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I'm pretty sure D8 has no crystal I've checked every island here and csnt find any crystal only metal and sap and salt. 

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