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Crashes on Server Selection Menu Screens & Upon Server Connection - 2 bugs

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Hi there,

Two bugs to report.  Both are menu or load crashes and game stopping.


Occurs a short time after opening the server selection menu. Seems fairly consistent, and you can be either in the process of selecting a shard to join, or navigating the server selection screen, and it will still happen.  About 20-25 seconds in the error appears, seems time related rather than any specific action causing the crash, file attached.


To skip the above the error which is stopping me from joining a server, chose rejoin atlas, different error message and crash, and again consistent every time.  File attached.

Only comment on both is the path shown in the errors.  H:\ .  Did someone add their home drive path and forget to * or %% out the path prefix?  H:\ is my home drive mapping to, just saying :).





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