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exploit report EU PVE O9 Company using weight exploit to "deffend the island"

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I've been playing since release day and fortunatly got a place where to build, but at O9 PVE EU server, theres this company called "Hunters" who got the entire island, i don't care how much they got while it's alowed by the game (I hope the flag system changes at PVE), but they are using weigth exploit to sink newcomers's ships when the newcomer tries to place a flag.

I've seen this happen since release day to more than 10 people/companyes.

They are supposed to have rules: (some other member told me these a day after they sunk our raft when going treasure hunting)
"- First state our rules to newcomers that try to claim

- Tell them if they don't remove the flag we'll sink theyr ship"

But some don't even do.

this is my pos: but i'm on the southern island

cheat TP O9 145908 32519 690

Here they say they used the exploit because they can (hope it's fixed in the near future)


I dind't find where to place a report so i'll make it here.

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confirmed ! Game has this serious "bug-exploit" and many "evil" players use this .

"Weight" exploit or "crew" exploit,  not important the exploit but purpose is here ; some players do it just "they can" - PvE:EU server

1. Just Fix  weight or crew exploit (make ships not moveable) , remove ship sinkin metafactor (!) by weight - crew limit .

2. Fix players weight limit problem (player can lift 20tons) can walk - swim - grappled etc. (there is another way : "mean"player drag his "overloaded"sleeping buddy ! to victims ship)

3. Only Company members can effect ship weight and crew seize .

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indeed, just make it so that when the ship is anchored the weight/crew exploit will not sink the ship but make it impossible to move until the extra weight/crew is dealt with. it is another story how you would remove the players/tames on a pve server but at least your ship won't sink. 

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