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Suggested solution for offline raiding and gun nerf

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Ok so I was reading around on the forums and there are 2 main issues here.

offline raiding 

and the gun nerf in v10 

I havn’t played v10 yet as I’m out of town. However I have what I think is a reasonable solution to “offline raiding”. Due to the nature of ATLAS, everything is forever on the server and since it’s just the a game people cant always be on the server, but NPCs can!! 

So here’s my suggestion. You can get NPCs to man your cannons and your sails. Then why cant you get NPCs to protect your base at night ? It’s just a thought and it will need a lot of work because you need to make an AI that recognizes attackers from just passers. Or maybe AI that fires only if fired upon. 

Imagine this. You have built a shore base with some cannons placed strategically all around. You have your artillary and your musketeers on set patrol lines. Your ships are in dock and anchored . You can have a setting on your NPCs to be on “protect “ basically only firing if fired upon any of the company’s properies, Like walls, gates, ships, etc 

it will be like having your own little army. Of course they will never be as smart as real players but it will still be some sort of resistance to the attackers making them think twice before attacking an offline base 

But then again you might have the idea that this is great if you can have 2 dozens of these AI soldiers with their aimbots and their plate. Your base is fine even if you’re ONLINE. 

I guess there is a solutions for this. You make it so that these guards, if you will, are weaker when there is a player of a friendly company around them. And strongner when there is none. ie ALL are offline. 

Now with the gun nerf. Simple solution....FIX GUNS!!!

srsly tho, guns are naturally OP. I think if you wanna balance guns then make them harder to get. I have a suggestion since plate armour is basically useless against real guns. Just look it up on youtube. Musket vs breastplate. The .50 cal projectile fired from an early pistol or musket just has TOO MUCH ENERGY and will thus penetrate every and anything. Especially late medieval plate like the one depicted in the game. That’s why people got rid of armour when guns were invented bec it became useless. I understand this is a fantasy game but some sort of common sense should apply. Nerf guns by making them harder to obtain. Not by lowering their damage. Maybe have a system where these muskets or pistols are not very effective at long range as they really were. Because ball projectiles are not very aerodynamical are they?

so yeah tell me what do you think guys. 

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I think keep the damage of guns the same for PvP but increase it for wild creatures, I had a hard enough time when I could one shot a wolf with a point blank blunderbuss shot, now I can't even one shot a spider with a pistol, and it's hard enough shooting the wolves with their erratic movement and numbers. It also made the carbine useless, it cost so much to make in points and resources and yet it does the same damage as the old pistol but way longer to reload and you can't dual wield them. PvP I can understand, but PvE is another things altogether.

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That’s my point exactly, I havent tested it out yet but before v10 guns are useless against armour. But guns not killing creatures is one thing entirely I understand a giant ass croc wont die from 1 shot of a pistol but i heard it does 90 dmg now which is just stupid 

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