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Dear All,

My name is Avius. and I invite you all to join our company.

The Alliance is a small but active company of mature gamers. We are looking to Expand and grow to become big and powerful. We are determent and Patient and we will get greatness.  We are  just looking to have some fun on Atlas.

We are accepting new and veteran members. 


  • Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant 
  • Seaman
  • Seaman Recruit

Current Members

Admiral Avius (founder)

Vice Admiral ZX_Warrior (founder)

Captain Co2tvv

Commander Nezdii

Seaman Lucke

Seaman Papz

Seaman LittleBrop

Seaman Clous

What we are looking for:

We are looking for good strong mature members. Who are ok with the fact that this is an Early Access game and that things are subject to improvement or the opposite with every patch. People who can be organised and respect leadership. People who have good sportsmanship and not get salty when we lose stuff cause we will.

An Island :3

What we are not looking for:

People who are not willing to participate (We understand that real life takes priority but at least be on once per week) People who are  immature and irresponsible. 


Conditions of applying

  1. Be mature
  2. Speak English, mic and Discord
  3. Enjoy the grind
  4. Be ready to be great 😉 Cause we will.
  5. Quick admission interview 

Things I can promise you.

  1. You will have fun. 
  2. we will raid enemies
  3. we will make alliances
  4. You will make friends


Post a reply with the current information.

Name in Game:

Name on Steam(link):


Relevant experience:

Ingame level:

Which skill line you wanna go down:

What are you expecting from us:

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