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Territory is Contested?

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Ok, so...with v10 at it's base we have the ability to see who's contesting a flag. A rather handy little feature honestly.

While this has worked and we've been able to find the one or two that were at the edge of the claim area being contested...we've had one that can't be found........at all.

Company name is Stronghold that we're trying to take a spot from in grid K6. But there's someone, logged in or out, in the area that shows the claim capture as contested. We know what the beacon for the 'contestee' should look like and we've had 4-5 people look for people in this particular space to no avail. From other local sources, Stronghold hasn't been in our grid at all for a while. We've personally not seen the flag owner or anyone from the Company even in the grid for at least 2 weeks.

At one point we did find a dude that was asleep on top of a rock in the area when we initially tried to capture the area...but said dude is no longer there and there's absolutely no structures anywhere in the claim zone...so no safe place to log out. We can't find sleepers, since you can hear snoring from a bloody mile away at rediculously loud volumes even at 25% game volume. (Devs might want to introduce cpap machines in-game so these avatars don't suffocate themselves while sleeping.)

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Still having consistent issue with an area being contested constantly with no reveal contesting players.

Ideas to make this where company or even alliance members of the owning company of the contested claim flag are the only ones that are able to contest flag being stolen.

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