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Captain Speedy

Playing Atlas on second computer not possible.

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Hi Everyone,

As the title says.

When i´m at home i play Atlas on my Desktop system but when i travel for work (3 weeks a month) i do all my gaming on a laptop.

Now i found out i cant join the official server i´m in. It gives a connection timeout.

First i thought it was my internet connection but all worked except ATLAS.

Then for testing i joined another Official server and connected without problem.

Did the same test multiple times to see if it was not pure luck and everytime the same result.

So what i see is that if you use ONE computer for gaming on a server.. you will only be able to use that computer on that server.

Is there no cloudsave on ATLAS?


Anyone else having this problem or found a workaround?

Now in another country for the next 3 weeks and i cant get on the official EU PVe server..

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I posted this on another thread where people were losing their characters with the notation,"while not the exact issue it may be relevant information" but I'm certainly having the same issue you do.  Copy/pasta incoming.


I'm having this issue but not in the same sense that everyone else is here and more of a "1st World Problem" than them losing their characters from the same machine, lol.

What I've noticed is that I can't log my accounts, yes plural, and get my characters from a second machine. My main gaming rig I can log both accounts in perfectly fine. All I have to do there is swap Steam accounts. However on my gaming laptop, for when I'm not streaming or am remotely streaming away from my main setup, I can't access EITHER of my accounts. I went through the local files and found the LocalProfiles. Figuring "what the hell, I'll try this" I just tried transferring that folder and its contents from my main setup to the gaming laptop. Still can't access either account. So then tried transferring the entire ATLAS folder from one machine to the next via external drive and every user:local directory that matches with ATLAS and still can't log in on my laptop to either account.

So yeah, while a 1st World Problem it's actually pretty annoying that I can't swap from my main rig to my laptop to play. Also means that I can't have both accounts connected by either the same machine without running vmware or both systems. As one account is specialist Shipwright, Beastmaster, and Construction while the other is Captaincy, Piracy, and Combat and their both independent keys since ATLAS doesn't let you use Family Share via Steam for Official Servers. But, it is something that I'd like to see remedied if possible. The ability to use both machines with both accounts and vice versa would be wonderful and enable me to help the Company members that are back at base while out at sea on one account without having to go through, while mostly just a tedious little process, logging out, closing game, swapping steam accounts, loading game, and logging in to do like 3-4 things then have to go through it again just to get back to the other character. 

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Hmm good to know. Was thinking of getting my local files from the desktop system over to the laptop but that won't help then.

Is there a way through this forum to get an official statement from the developer that they are looking/working on it or that they know this is something that needs to be fixing?

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I was able to play on a laptop and desktop without issue, so it isnt a cloud save issue (the save is on the server anyway, your steam Id just unlocks it).


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