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Last Patch Feedback: Alpha Animals Need A Weakness (Flaming Arrows)

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Would love to make a suggestion in relation to the last patch. I think it's cool that balancing is starting to happen but when it comes to the alpha animals they are just more of an annoyance and almost impossible obstacle rather than a challenge to overcome. Before hand when we had to use fire arrows to kill them it was more balanced because there are these incredibly overpowered creatures that can tear you apart but you still have a way to fight against them. Now it's just no use even trying unless you have 30 bullets and the animal trapped and even then, it could just aggro onto another animal and regen back to full health or eat a corpse if you kill a second regular one nearby. 

Recommendation - If you wont do anything about the alpha spawns at least bring the fire arrow damage back up. Nerf the exp if you must, sure, but like other posts about these alphas say they make the game really hard to like. We need a way to combat them. Lost a level 30 tame to those bastards a bit ago and I can't even take revenge with my carbine.

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