Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v402.6
Current ATLAS PC Client Version: v402.6
Current ATLAS Xbox Client Version: v402.5  Upcoming patch notes 
        Please note these patch notes are not finalized and there may be changeS prior to the full release on the live servers.  More notes to come!  released patch notes  v402.6 - Fixed ships capsizing with cargo harnesses equipped to bears/horses
- Reworked 'Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%' fix as it was causing issues with the bola
- Fixed bola not being able to immobilize targets
- Reverted 'Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina' as it was causing food and thirst from draining altogether.


- Emergency ship ladders are now easier to use
- Bow and crossbow can now damage Army of the Damned enemies
- Added a new inventory sort option to “sort by type”
- Improved inventory functionality to prevent items from randomly shifting around when transferring between inventories
- When multiple items are sent to the hotbar, their “equip delay” timers will now countdown simultaneously rather than one at a time
- Ships that are still being built in a shipyard will now refund resources for demolished parts
- Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina
- Increased meat and fish stack sizes to 100
- Further reduced the shark aggro radius
- Improved compass visuals to make it easier to read
- Tiers of Nature’s Cry no longer stack with each other
- Human NPCs can now ride in cargo harnesses and carriages
- Removed all XP gains from the guillotine and noose
- Players can no longer gain additional altitude when using a glider
- If an explosive barrel is destroyed while being held, the damage is now always considered to come from the holder (and not a different source)
- Decreased grenade damage vs. puckles and swivels by 80%
- Decreased grenade damage vs. structures by 66%
- Decreased grenade damage vs. players by 50%
- Decreased grenade crafting cost by 40%
- Decreased sword damage by 20%
- Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%
- Increased two-handed mace damage by 30%
- Increased bola immobility duration on players by 10%
- Increased puckle and swivel damage vs. players by 100%
- Decreased Equilibrium buff attack damage bonus from 20% to 10%
- Added a 20% Stamina Recovery Speed bonus to the Equilibrium buff v401.17 - Fixed some server crashes. v401.14 - Fixed maps not loaded on non-home grids for Unofficial Servers. v401.13 - Imprint time now scales inversely (decreases) when the baby maturation rate is above 4x. This means, during bonus rate events, imprint timers will automatically adjust to compensate for the quicker maturation. v401.10 - Disabled Claim Flag height limit on all Official Network. Functionality still works and can be used on Unofficial Servers, a word from our Lead Designer:   v401.9 - Disabled Claim Flag height limit on PvE servers (only meant to be active on PvP) v401.5 (Server 401.8) - Islands on the Official Network now have a maximum z-value for how high Claim Flags can be placed, unique to the island. These are based on the highest terrain points, before considering mountains, large rock formations or steep pillars. The in-game HUD will let you know whether your current claim flag is in a valid location. If your claim flag is not in a valid location, when attempting to place a new one you will receive HUD feedback informing you whether a spot is valid or not. Players will have approximately a month (Mid/Late November) to reposition their flag to a new location. We'll provide a more specific date closer to the patch which changes this. When placing the flag at the new spot, it will automatically destroy the old claim flag and transfer the inventory into the new flag. 
- Unofficials can activate this setting by changing the following config in their game.ini:
MaxSettlementFlagZ = 999999 (default, which means FlagZ can be placed at 99999 z height above the per-island specific height). This is an offset value, if you adjust this, it will use the per-island specific max height + the offset. For example, making it 3000 will look for the highest 'legitimate' location on an island, and then add an additional 3000 z to that height to determine the flag's maximum location. The following game.ini config can be used to destroy all invalid claim flags, please be advised that this cannot be reversed once done:
bDestroyInvalidSettlementClaimFlags=true - Fixed a bug which prevented Unofficial Servers on Xbox from being able to see the map v400.63 (Server Only)
- Online Players (no changes towards offline or NPC Crew) can only contest flags (defending or attacking) when in one of the following states:
> When a player is grounded (e.g walking on the ground)
> When a player is seated (e.g sitting in a chair)
> When a player is riding a creature
(This means player states such as climbing ladders/picks, gliding, etc will no longer contest flags)
- Contesting flags can only happen when a player is above -300 on the z-axis (basically, above the ocean/sea level)
- Code change for client compatibility v400.62 - Voice chat fixes
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to modify the radius-checks for Yelling, Whispering, and Talking.
- Fixed a bug related to locking on v400.61 - Fixed 2 client side crashes that could occur on server-load or transition v400.60 - Fixed description on song "A Mockatoo Once Told Me"
- Dynamic nameplate scaling enabled on ships
- Fix for NPC crew members occasionally missing the accordion visually in their hands v400.59 - Fixed forge giving graphite instead of base coal
- Fixed typo in Pistol Steady Aim skill.
- Very tall character's head is no longer cut off in the inventory view
- NPC Crew Accordion: npc's can equip accordion and play songs("loaded" on accordion or first in inventory) using multi-use option "Play Song" song is consumed after start, buffs will be applied after first loop of song is completed song will loop until "Stop Song" option is selected from multi-use
v400.58 - Fixed a bug which prevented silos from paying/feeding crew on Lawless Servers
- Fixed a bug which caused ground clutter to flicker on Xbox v400.57

- Added missing ceiling when building ramshackle sloop with vendor in Freeport
- Enabled Revolver reload mini-game
- Fix: When you use the map camera while piloting ship, the compass won't hide from the view
- Added missing Forest dye craftable to grill
- Changed salted fish stack size from 30 to 50
- Moved pipe engram into pipes folder
- Applied treasure gold multiplier buff to: floatsam/aodloots/shipwrecks
- Lawless regions on officials should no longer show any "island points" on the map.
- Beds on cooldown are now visible (it will indicate when a player can spawn on them) v400.56 - Fixed a bug which causes your map to be black with HDR enabled on Xbox v400.54 - Volumetric fog and ground clutter improved and enabled for Xbox One (and Xbox One S)
- Fixed a bug where the shift key would stop responding on Xbox
- Fixed a bug which would cause the camera to always be selected when pulling out your map with a gamepad
- Fixed a bug which causes your map to be black with HDR enabled on Xbox
- Enabled multiple client-side options for players to disable HUD/UI clutter
- You can now fill water barrels directly from waterspouts
- Improved Army of the Damned animation on Xbox One and Xbox One S
- Right bumper now cycles between two inventory UIs
- R3 now toggles use states (for example light fires) again
- Fixed a bug which made navigating between rows in two separate inventories reset location
- Fixed a bug where some fantasy creatures weren't tamable on Golden Age servers
- Lawless Servers now check for structures (at a small radius) before spawning folliage to prevent trees/rocks/bushes from spawning inside bases.
- Fix to destroy sunken ships when last structure is removed
- Added HUD callout on handheld map to re-center on players
- Fixed a server-side crash for Modded Servers which have modified their loot tables v400.51 - Fixed structure tiling textures. Structures (such as wood walls) lined up near each now have the correct textures. You'll see slight differences in their pattern to prevent repetitiveness.
- Fixed a server-side crash v400.50 - Reduced non-offensive structure crafting times from 5s to 1s
- Items caches will no longer be left behind and removed the drop-all on items like founders hats
- Fixed a bug which would cause players to be unable to level up certain stats when highlighted over them
- Fixed being unable to scroll up/down on the Company Log using gamepad
- Fixed being unable to assign Company members to groups with gamepad (Xbox and PC) 
- When harpooning another ship, the aggressor (ship shooting the harpoon) will have it's cannons (large, swivel, and regular) disabled until the harpoon attachment has ended. Notes on the harpoon change: we feel that harpoons have become too strong in the meta to the point where they dominate ship PvP. Whilst this change may not perfectly address all situations, we expect it will encourage more planning when harpooning along with additional risk and decision-making whilst also opening up options to the harpooned ship. v400.45 - Setup loot table overrides for DevKit (Devkit patch incoming)
- Fixed a server-side crash
- Disabled 2x Bonus Event on Officials
- Updated Gamepad controls screen to reflect new gunport and anchor controls
- Action Wheel toggle for Yell and Whisper Modes for gamepad (PC)
- Fixed Atlantean heavy helmet colorized icon
- Fixed Atlantean female medium shirt colorization (added region for emissive) v400.24 (server only) - Enabled Bonus Rates on the Official Network for 2x Gold, Harvesting, and Taming
- Fixed a server-side crash v400.41 - Cyclops Heavy Boot and Hat Icon Fix
- Hydra Hide Glove Icon Fix
- Commander outfit torso colorization
- When claiming a Wild Pirate Camp, the flag will now show the company flag painting
- Painting a wild pirate camp flag will set the company flag painting
- [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a crash caused by vivox/parties in non-dedicated servers
- [XBOX SPECIFIC] Fixed a bug caused by vivox/parties which would cause the fps to degrade over time
- Fixed an issue where searching for remote inventory text would then populate that saved text in all search fields after opening inventories twice
- Fixed issue where players no longer gained EXP on freeports
- [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain's wheel, X shall toggle gunports (no longer RB)
- [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain's wheel, if RB or LB are held, X shall not toggle gunports (should activate the hotbar/feat entry instead)
- [GAMEPAD SPECIFIC] On the captain's wheel, add Lower/Raise anchor to VIEW action wheel, so that captains can use anchor v400.38 (v400.37 on Xbox) - Fixed a spelling error on the Plunder Skill description
- The cursor is now kept in place when navigating full folders
- Fixed craftables not showing in folders in the hand-craftable view of the UI
- R3 will now swap inventories in the UI when looking at two inventories (ie: a storage box) to switch to the first item in the other inventory
- Double-tapping A on any item in the Trade UI will no longer open the cancel UI
- Level limit no longer applies in Freeports on non-dedicated session modes
- The last search-strings on all Inventory Menu search bars will now be saved
- Fixed the ability to use emotes whilst dancing
- Added one more crew by default to a sloop
- Increased non-dedicated tether range
- Non-Dedicated Servers will now allow you to receive resources when demolishing structures on an anchored boat
- Added attenuation distance to Dive-Into-Water sounds
- Net fishing sounds adjusted to only play locally
- Increased Net Fishing speed threshold by 25%
- Fixed various stalls on Xbox and cases which would cause the Xbox' FPS to drop and the game to stutter (we are still looking into more cases of this)
- Removed the range-limit on voice chat for non-dedicated sessions
- Fixed a stereo audio bug which would cause players not to hear each other
- Players are able to fast travel to and from a ship that the host is not standing on in non-dedi (so long as the fast-travel destination is within tether-range)
- Increased collision size of dropped bags. (You should now be able to pick up bags more easily when they are dropped on top of a bed etc)
- Server ping 0 now hidden when you are the host
- Fixed a bug where the targeting cursor wouldn't disappear after your ship was sunk
- Enemy pirate ships now display a sink percentage
- Prevented enemy pirate NPC's from fleeing
- Wild elephants now have 3x resistance
- Stone Wild Pirate Camp doors are now wooden
- HDR mode for Xbox One X now enabled (looking at PC implementation soon)
- Optimized ship position callouts for Wild Pirate Encampments
- Fixed a bug which would cause Non Dedi clients to get into a broken state when fast-travelling to a bed in stasis
- Presssing Y on gamepad when an editbox is highlighted will now clear the editbox
- AOD Armor icon colorization fixed
- Atlantean cloth armor icon fixes
- Atlantean heavy icon colorization fixes
- Cyclops heavy icon fixes v400.22 - Implemented a fix to resolve islands where foliage cannot be harvested v400.20

- Enabled Crossplay v315.7

- Plague can no longer be spread via cough, touching, or poops.
- AOE has been increased for plague debuff when shot via catapult by 70%
- Fishing rewards have been increased by 2x
- Added prime fish meat, fish oil, and fish skin to the fishing rod loot table
- Dolphin Buff now lasts for 600 seconds
- Unversioned patch: BattlEye Crash Fix v315.5 - Scissors now snip at 2.5 dura per snip instead of 5
- Increased blueprint scaling of shipyards by 20% (easier to get higher durability BPs)
- Fixed broken IBLs which caused some trees to emit a light source
- Unversioned patch: BattlEye Crash Fix v315.4
- Removed the speed stat from speed sails to avoid confusion. This will be revisited further during Phase 1 of our development cycle after Xbox crossplay launch 😉
- Increased mortar damage against ships and ship structures by 30%
- Lanterns now last 20% longer
- Rifle shooting range now correctly matches view distance
- Increased fish-catching speed by 15%
- Make musical buffs last 50% longer
- Throwing knife damage increased by 30%
- Crop growth speed increased by 25%
- Increased durability of hydra revolver by 30%
- Increased durability of grapple by 20%
- Reduce crafting times of intermediate materials (alloys, paste etc) by 20%
- Icebox thermal insulation increased by 33%
- Increased pike damage by 25%
- Fixed the description of skills (target soft spots and target weaknesses) from two handed pike to mac
- Removed the INT stat from armour
- Doubled creature INT (Dolphins and Crows)
- Reduced the weights of the following ship-related items:
Ship Weight Reduction to 1: Rope Ladder Wood Ladder Chair Table Grill Cooking Pot Other weight changes: Water Barrel (1 when empty, 19 when full) Steering Wheel weight reduced to 12
v315.22 - Additional Anti Cheat update v315.21 - Map spoil time increased by 3x when in bookshelves (this means they take longer to spoil)
- Explosive Barrels now sink 50% faster and for a total of 6 minutes (increased from 5)
- Unthinkable Delicacy cooldown decreased to 2 hours
- Keratin farmed per minute on cat reduced to 10 (from 40)
- Whale hitting XP increased by 10%
- The rate at which ice is consumed in an icebox has been increased by 10%
- Icebox insulation distance increased by 20%
- Ambient temperature required to make ice has increased to 0
- Reduced blueprint bonus weapon damage and durability by 25%
- Target Soft Spots and Target Weakness can no longer be used when wearing a Pike
- Swords and Pike now pierce armour by 4x the previous amount
- Reduced blueprint bonus armour resistance scaling by 40%
- Reduced blueprint bonus armour durability scaling by 55%
- Reduced blueprint bonus health given by armours by 40%
- Reduced blueprint bonus weight given by armours by 66%
- Removed health bonus from rejuvenate buff
- Health has been capped to 300 and players have been given a free-one time respec
- Ship changes: Galleon:
Extra Weight per level increased to 600
Extra Crew per level increased to 2
Extra Beds per level increased to 1
Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% Brigantine:
Extra Weight per level increased to 400
Extra Crew per level increased to 1
Extra Beds per level increased to 1
Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% Schooner:
Extra Weight per level increased to 200
Extra Crew per level increased to 1
Extra Beds per level increased to 1
Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% Sloop:
Extra Weight per level increased to 100
Extra Crew per level increased to 1
Extra Beds per level increased to 1
Extra Sturdiness per level increased to 4% General changes:
Extra Resistance is now capped at 396%
Extra damage is now capped at 252% and adjusted to 4% gained per level - Large Cannon Damage buffed by 10%
- Reduced shark team notify radius by 15% (how far they can call other sharks for help)
- Claim Flags can no longer be placed underwater v315.193 - Updated Anti Cheat
- Red Target Cursor will always display in SP and Non Dedicated mode v315.191 - Disables gun crosshair colour change unless the server is using the new Game.ini setting: bAllowWeaponEnemyTargetingCursor (we'll drop a new server build for this later)
- Fixed some rare client-side crashes
- Session names on non-dedicated servers should now correctly appear in the sessions list v315.19 - Fixed a bug which caused waterskins to be lost on spouts
- Fixed a bug which caused the Raider of the Deep quest to disappear v315.18 - Prevented grenades from being thrown when a glider is equipped
- Fixed a bug which would cause structures to have the wrong health points when replaced
- Lighthouse can now be found in the Structures/Misc folder of the smithy
- Increased the slots of tannery from 120 to 150
- Cooked fish now stacks up to 50
- Added 'temperate' biome tag to Crow, so they can be bred in Temperate regions
- Fixed a bug which prevented cannons from being placed on certain gunports in Galleons v315.16 - Fixed company logs not updating properly (or taking hours to do so)
- Fixed beds not updating properly (or taking hours to do so)
- Fixed a client side crash related to weapons and the tutorial system v315.15 - Fixed a crash related to low memory mode (caused by fog of war)
- Fixed the bug which prevented players from putting berries inside of their claim flag
- Fixed a bug which would cause structures to sometimes float when placing them


- Fixed an issue where distance field fonts would show invisible characters for certain characters, they'll display boxes for now. v315.12 - Fixed an issue where servers would not correctly update their concurrent player counts when players would log off or move to another server
- Fixed an issue where digging for water overrides were not functional on the server which would stop spouts from appearing when digging v315.11

Main Additions/Content

Xbox Crossplay now supported (coming to Xbox on the 8th of October:’s-log-37-atlas-arrives-on-xbox-with-steam-pc-crossplay-r213/) - New world map with improved biome layout (and a new biome type)
- Over 70 new core island templates, and many polish improvements to existing islands
- Over 20 new cosmetics and sail cosmetics
- Improved client and server performance
- Full Gamepad support
- "Wild Pirate Camps" option for singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions (enabled by default): take over each island across the ATLAS by attacking and claiming procedural enemy pirate camps, guarded by cannons, pirates wielding all sorts of weapons, and even powerful pirate ships!
- New Multi-shot Hydra Pistol
- Cats (with hats!) Bug Fixes - Fixed hundreds of issues with levels from covering holes, adding collision to decor, removing floating folliage, waterfall post processing, resource overrides, island points, discovery zones, and reducing the amount of natural fog on some islands.
- Ship of the Damned now point to their correct loot tables. This means that Galleons will provide more and give better loot than Brigs, which provide better rewards than schooners.
- Fixed multiple client side crashes
- Fixed Vultures not being able to mate on Equatorial islands
- Fixed various descriptive errors with skills
- Fixed tamed bear from randomly playing its growl animation when attacking targets
- Fixed not being able to replace triangle floors with different tiers of triangle floors
- Fixed being unable to place wood ceilings on a deck under a diving/dinghy platform
- Fixed being able to use orbit camera to look through half walls and doors
- Fixed lamps not being able to be turned on when underwater
- Fixed the wrong amount of XP loss displaying when executed or hung
- Fixed a bug which prevented players from seeing the ammo meshes loaded into catapults
- Fixed Rope ladders not being able to be rotated when placed on catwalks
- Fixed some cosmetics causing the steering wheel to turn invisible
- Fixed cheat giveengrams giving -40 stone arrows
- Fixed a bug which allowed crew to be knocked off of puckles using a blackjack, even in peace time
- Fixed alcohol buffs not persisting through grid transition
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to escape the left claw of a crab

Misc - Added a new "Tutorials" menu tab, which provides details on many of the basic mechanics and concepts of the game.
- Updated voice chat systems to Vivox in order to support Crossplay
- Updated Waveworks to latest version, improving both client and server performance and quality of waves
- Preventing building outside the galleon by moving up and shrinking height bounds box (so top of height is still the same) and added a volume to block building where the collision on the galleon is bad, making it possible to build outside the ship
- Reduced level up gains and buffs for intelligence by 50%
- Changed meat stack size to 50 for all meats
- Made submarine consume mythos as fuel (but consumes 2.5x slower)
- Shrunk a text box that was covering half of the Voyage of Power button
- Added warning that shows up in the company log 48 hours before a shop is destroyed due to not being accessed within a 21 day period
- Tweaked ocean trace so that it doesn't create floating ocean shops
- Modified a couple of snap points for the ladders on the brig to be climbable
Snowman Boss Revamp:
Regular Snowman Changes:
- Tweaked explosive damage from 1x to 1.125x
- Reduced arena timer to 30 minutes
- Reduced ice breath speed debuff from 8 secs to 6 secs
- Tweaked various aspect of the Snowman's movement to prevent it from getting stuck and frozen between various attacks
- Snowman can jump when receiving damage to prevent it from being gunned-down and allow the onslaught of minions to catch up and be more involved
- Increased kill XP to 750.
Hard Snowman:
- x2 Health, 2x Armour, 1.5x Melee Damage
- Reduced cooldown on Ice Breath attack by 2 secs
- Increase number of health/armour states from 4 to 5
- Reduced interval between shield reactivation from 45 secs to 35 secs
- Explosive Damage adjusted to 1x
- Increase base minion spawn from 5 to 6
- Increase base minion kills for cooldown from 8 to 10
- Arean timer is set to 60 minutes
- Kill XP set to 1500
- Visual changes: red eyes, and commander hat with an eye patch.
Regular Yeti Minions:
- Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster from x0.33 to x0.5
- Increased Kill XP to 10.
Hard Yeti Minions (Empowered Yeti) 
- x1.5 health, x1.5 melee damage, x1.15 speed increase
- Increased move around blockade distance.
- Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster to x0.25
- Increased Kill XP to 15.
Arena changes
- Updated lever to select difficulty via multiuse.
- Removed mid columns at arena entrance for better AI navigation.
- Filled some holes with blocking volumes to prevent players getting stuck between some meshes.
- Added some extra geometry and overrode walkable slope angle at entrance side steps and select small meshes to prevent players and creatures getting stuck.
- Added two more minion spawn points closer to the entrance.
- Added falling icicles. Camera shakes, tremor audio plays and icicles fall from above the player. On hit grants a shorter speed debuff of 2 secs and a 2.5% impaled bleed buff that lasts 12 secs. Used to combat players who may attempt to take shelter and kite the Snowman in difficult to access areas, as they will have less time to move out of the way due to icicles falling a shorter distance.