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Captain Jack Shadow

What are your 3 biggest issues with the game?

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I play on an Australian PvP 3x3 cluster with slightly increased harvest rates and PvE Freeport spawn area, that also has regional lockouts and max 5 in a tribe so the majority of the issues mentioned are fixed for us.  I will however add these:

  1. Transition between regions for bigger ships:  On unofficials  the transitions between regions has bugs and sometime the ships cannot cross.  This is obviously debilitating and needs to be fixed.  
  2. I agree with the animal mobs comments.  I live on an equatorial island where everything is a predator and you cannot move outside my walls, even with plate and firearms.  I often see an alpha spider, wolves, tigers and scorpions all patrolling together in a group.

If anyone is interested in the server I am playing on PM me, it is significantly better than officials and is a really good community.

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