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UE4 Crashes

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As seen from the attached files, I have been experiencing continuing UE4 related crashes that are ever changing. If there is a more appropriate location to go with this information, please state so. I wish to get such issues resolved for the Early Access to fully succeed.


For some simple background, I was simply enjoying the game for anywhere between 20- 70 minutes then a freeze precured by "disconnected actions." Brought back to the title screen, with the errors seen, displayed. Each time this has happened I "Verify Integrity of Game Files..." through Steam. Each time this prosses fides and replaces one file. I do imagine, I will replace every file once through before the game runs uninterrupted.

Thank you; unhelpful, trolls, and reps all.

UE4 SG G Error.PNG

UE4 SG G Error2.PNG

UE4 SG G Error3.PNG

UE4 SG G Error4.PNG

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