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Share your Hardware/User/Map Size Specs !!

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All you system owners out there please share your H/W, Users, Maps size (Grids, # Islands) and Bandwidth.  This would really help others out there looking to start their own dedicated servers and what they can handle:




I/O (size, speed):

Current user base:

Grid Size:

Approx Number of Islands:

Bandwidth (up/down):

Renting? If so from who?

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Cpu(s):Intel Core i7-5930k at 3.9ghz (6cores 12threads)

Ram: 32gb DDR4-2133

I/O (size, speed): Samsung Evo 850 500gb SSD running on SATA 6.0GB/s

Current user base: Only 3 atm

Grid Size: 2x2

Approx Number of Islands: 42

Bandwidth (up/down): 100/100 Fiber


I do have to say something about this, I am running this on my own Gaming PC which also runs Atlas at the same time. Initial Bootup of the Servers eats a sick amount of ram, up to 80%, but as soon as I boot up Atlas, Windows 10's Memory Management is doing its thing and ends up a lot less. I added a screenshot of how much is used when windows 10 has done its magic.


Server Ram Use.jpg

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Dell R820 server dedicated only to Atlas server for our M3RC community.

CPU(s): dual socket Intel Xeon E5-4620 @ 2.2GHz  (averaging about 86% CPU utilization under user load)

RAM: 256GB ECC 10600R memory (Consumes about 120GB of memory)

Disks:   RAID 5 array on SAS backplane across 8 15k 300GB SAS disks, OS is on different RAID group

Current users: about 25 atm, grows to about 40ish+ at night

Grid Size: 5x5

Approx Number of Islands: At least one of each, duplicates of some.

Bandwidth usage up/down:  I've seen spikes of about 5Mbps up.  but it probably averages around 2.5Mbps regular usage up. I see about the same on the down side.

This is stressful for this system to the point that I will probably move a column over to another physical server to lighten the load on this main box. I hope to add some more grids later with the addition of another physical server to grow our community. We just recently started using the CrossArkChat and have the server grids all cross-communicating with Discord integration. Good stuff.

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updated disk specs to specify OS on different storage.
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i7-7800X @ 3.99GHz, 96 MB RAM.
3x3 Atlas grid with 7 or 8 islands per grid.

Hosted at home.  Typically only 7 or 8 users on the map at any time.
100Mb/s up, 7Mb/s (approx.) down


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