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feature suggestion Regaring: Fountain of Youth, Aging, Death and possiible other things

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since aging and dying is a thing here are a few sugestions:

first of aging with the same speed as the day/ night cicle.

if im correct the day night circle should be 1 day per hour? in this rate the character should age every 15 days and assuming you start at 20 the character would be the age of 44 in one year and character death could occur from 50 to 68 or so giving you a lifespan between 1.25 or 2 years real time to adventure.


second: Fountain of youth:

I love the concept of the fountain of youth, i would love to have them occur more often but also include other fountains witch look similar to the fountain of Youth:


EDIT: I Still like the concept, but have some Suggestions to make it easier on the server and increase replay value so it is less of the same

Individual Fountains: Instead of having global fountains that cycle through specific locations let every player have individual fountains that servers don't have to be rushed once per month by a large ammount of players just not to die and get a stat bonus. Rather make it peronalized by having a randomly chain combined out of always ending in a random Point o interest on one grid:

  • Treasure hunts that stretch across multiple maps (and maybe even chained treasure hunts)
  • sinking Sods to get clews where to find the location
  • sovlving puzles (either in dungeons or wordplays)

This makes finding the fountain less problematic for server performance, keeps player hordes away from golden age ruins so that player that actually want to go for the stones with better experience and also gives a more varied experience for player already completed the dungeons


Edit:  Reduce the Aging speed so player wont loose all progress when they aren't playing for a month. The character doesn't nessesarily have to live for years but at least give us a few months of time before we have to think about resetting our age in some way or another. because many people won't go back and reset the character age every month and once they loose their progress they might never come back to play.


Fountain of Age:

  • lets your character age between 12 and 24 years older when using it.
  • meaning if you are not carefull instead of giving the character more time to live you shorten it by a significant ammount.

Fountain of The Dammned:

  • The Fountain of the damned means you become a undead character and doesn't age anymore (as a opt out for leting characters die)
  • could also reduce the characters food and water consumption drastically
  • with the Drawback of: significantly less Health and reduced Stamina / stamina regeneration

The Fountain of the damned can be reversed where the character would be able to age again and remove the advantages through either:

  • Another fountain to be found somewhere
  • a special treasure hunt across multiple island
  • maybe some witchcraft/woodo magic


Also as a addition for roleplay Server:

  • Ajustable Starting age from age 6 to allow for children as viable rp character
  • Ajustable Aging to allow the Server owner to ajust Aging rates ( so Seasons can be setup with characters able to age)
  • Setting of the Starting Age to allow more dynamicly aged characters. (be able to set up a family without having to reset age for children by admins)


if anyone has thoughts about it  or additional suggestion about this topic feel free to post it^^

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experienced first iteration for Fountain
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