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pve AUS Pirates Down Under 5x5 grid, 3x XP, 10x Tame

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AUS Pirates Down Under

We have a 5x5 grid, with a excellent custom map, developed in house by our Server Team and with full game content. There are  also grids with various levels of difficulties to challenge even the most seasoned of pirates. 

We also maintain a test server for map, configuration and Mod testing and Development,  so we don't just chuck any mod on without first checking to make sure its compatible with the current setup.

AUS Pirates Down Under is one of the top PvE servers in OCE and also worldwide

Map - Poseidon's playground 

All end game content available, with the map updated when new content is released
Cross server chat is also enabled 

Server Rates
50% Resource weight reduction
Harvest x6
XP Multiplier x 3
Mating Interval Multiplier x 2
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier x 5
Taming Speed Multiplier x 4
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier x 2.5
Treasure Gold Multiplier x 6

Custom items stacks
Lantern & Torches Galore
Ecos's Atlas Foliage and RP Decor mods
Peachy Ship Decor
TnM Custom Ship Menu
TnM Powerstone Tameable Animals
Better Bridges
Total Sails
Total Ships

Our community is very active and Always willing to help out new and old players. We  also run weekly competitions and events for all to participate in.



Feel free to join our discord and find out for yourself https://discord.gg/Nnufndd



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Strongly recommend this server 🙂 Active friendly admins, excellent community.Server quite fresh, so we still have free land to claim. 🙂  Join our discord to get news and quick help when needed, found company to join or recruit crew.

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