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as i do my thing in this sick atlas, i, along with many many others, find myself asking my company to shoot me in the face when my health is low. before a fight, before landfall, etc.

the nutrition system is awesome, i love it, i wish it was even more of a thing to take care of yourself.

to incentivize utilizing the health system and having a reason to live, there should be even more buffs of some sort to staying alive and healthy, but those others are according to how long your character has actually stayed alive. It would be great to stock a ship with food and water according to how long the trip is, but at the moment its just easier to off yourself and respawn on deck. and though thats easy, we can all agree its kinda weird.

even more buffs added to recovering from sickness, near death experiences, etc?

keep it going this game rules! xo

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Exactly, some small buffs for staying alive longer would be great. Right now its actually more beneficial to kill yourself since you get meat and hide.... :classic_rolleyes:

I still try to manage food since its quite fun system, but I do it only for immersion reason right now.

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