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pvp Black Scavenger RP - PVPVE - Roleplay - EU - 2x2

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Ahoy Mateys. We are hosting an Atlas Roleplay server over a 2x2 custom map with a single freeport.

We are looking for roleplayers and adventurers to come and join us, microphone and voice enabled ideally. Although the game is set to PVP there should be no KOS (kill on sight) and all fights should be played out in the nautical role of your choice. We have "ark seasoned" active admins to help out if there are problems in game. 

Server Name:-  Black Scavenger RP 4 cluster map
1.5x harvest 
0.7x regrow(faster) 
2x taming

EU hosted               IP

Our discord server is:- https://discord.gg/KHXkt2S for more information and to chill with other pirates! Company channels available. 
Looking forward to seeing you on the ocean!!

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Were getting ready to set up the RolePlay PVP arena on Autumn Island for fights and the chance to win goodies.

Come and join then fun. 


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