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So are Flags what amout to Pillars?

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I mean it seems that this entire Flag Claim is a good idea of sorts, hell i love it.... but the delivery is like watching an..... yeah best not say here.... It seems to me that Flags are what amounts to Pillar Wars... which to me and the other half of the players here is pure BS... Then on top of that you have a second layer of Pillar Wars with the ability to steal and replace them (flags) holly crap. How do you ever play PVE when your PVPing all the time.... BTW most of this is for the PVE side as im sure the PVP side is even more jacked with this mechanic. I mean I put money down that there are duplicate accounts made just to keep a body in spawn huts to keep claim land. *shakes head....

Just remove the flags mechanics in place... give each Co 1 flag. add 1 more flag for ever 5 more players. de-spawn a random flag if they ever drop below the required level to keep all the flags they have... give 24 hours till all items de-spawn or until the player level has returned in the said area. Also give them time to remove a flag in a area unwanted to put in one that was just de-spawned in case it was their main area, shuffle flags if needed.

And for $%*# sake stop this sinking of of others boats when standing on them. ITS PVE FOR GOD SAKE!!!!! "E" remember what the hell that stood for, ENVIRONMENT!!! Not player....


Any how for those weathering this game in the state it is with the core mechanics (cringe) that are in place I salute you... Hope to see you out there some day. Till then back to freeport as im dead again and floating in the middle of the ocean.....

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