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2x2 Dedicated Server Setup from A-Z

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I thought I would post what I used to get my Atlas server up an running with the least amount of headache. After searching through several sites I found this... Credit goes to Drac346 who put together a very good blog post on how to setup an Atlas dedicated server or servers if running more than one grid.

Drac346's post is at  https://www.drac346.net/2018/12/atlas-dedicated-server-setup-main-menu.html it explains how to setup a 2x2 Grid. I set mine up using an I5 5400, 32G RAM. It takes up about 50-60% of the processing power of the CPU when all four servers are running. This is a complete guide and Drac walks through all of the setup requirements and even some optimizations and settings that will ease your pain.  There is also a Discord channel setup that has some good info on it as well... its located at: https://discord.gg/tjMne4


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