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pvp Australian Server 3x3 map PvP/PvE spawn zone - best in OZ/NZ

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If you are in Australia and NZ and are looking for a decent PvP server, have a look at https://www.gamingalliance.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=179&p=359#p359 for server info and map of Gaming Alliance's 3x3 Atlas cluster.

I played officials and it was a nightmare with pings of 1400+.  I tried a lot of australian unofficials and they were laggy, rates were unbalanced or they were full of trolls and griefers.

I went to Gaming Alliance as played their servers for two years in Ark and knew they were the best unofficial.  I got pings of 49-50 (I am in South East Qld, Australia).  The game was suddenly playable.

The admin for Gaming Alliance is very experienced in running Ark servers and has tweaked the Atlas settings, it has increased rates but in a balanced manner that makes the game challenging yet keeps it fun.  The spawn region is PvE and has higher rates than the other regions but also has rules preventing bases or galleons being built - it is a spawn island only so people can start up and leave to the PvP regions to establish a base.

It is a great community, lots of fun and everyone works together as well as some well mannered and hilarious PvP action.

Small tribes only, max 5, and has it's own discord.

Check it out you won't be disappointed.

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Full details from the admin:


We have a 3x3 PvP cluster; Freeport is PvE so new spawns can't be griefed and can be used for trade and resources. All other maps are PvP, we are averaging 40-50 people on the cluster, lets make it more <3.

Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance-3x3-3x-PvP-SmallTribes

You can find server info and map at 


3x Gathering

3x XP

3x Taming/Breeding

Mode: PvP

Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (unlimited alliances)

Placeable Flags

1 Freeport (PvE, so no killing at spawn point)

Freeport has no XP limitations

Player Food/Water Drain: 50%

Structure Pickup Time: 60s

Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days

Out of Claim Decay: 2x

No building bases on starter island

Total Skill Points: 180

Max Level: 51

Unlimited respec

Atlas Regions
A1 (Rolling Thunder) - Tropical
A2 (Bloodyliyah) - Equatorial
A3 (Tannenbaum) - Temperate
B1 (Accadacca) - Desert
B2 (Central) - Equatorial
B3 (Dynamo) - Equatorial
C1 (Crikey Irwin) - Temperate
C2 (Goonbag Isle) - Tropical
C3 (Woop Woop) - Tundra

Admin will be adding more islands to the map once there is more documentation on whats on each one.


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