Last night During a Bug crash of server my claim on the EU server PVE on Hepmens Island Long 80.54 / Lat 0.19 was able to be claimed witch being there roughly 100 hours nothing like this has happen to us yet due to bugs or explotes or hacks , due to the 12+ hours of the zone and game not loading witch is a bug on your behalf you guys was fixing or main taining has created it where before 3 days is up someone was able to claim our claims. not even a day was up and they was able to steal a claim. Plus i also have a claim that is bugged as well some how our shipyard is claimed with in my claim in same location witch makes no sense so this bug has created it to where you can still claim other peoples claims. So with this said this would be considered a bug report that is a easy fix for you guys it is on your behalf of saying 3 days to steal a claim to let a 72 hour process happen within not even 12-16 hours. If your guys server issue didn't happen none of this would of happen but they created bug reports for this reason and here is a bug that I wish to be corrected. Also someone was online during the time they tried to steal, witch should of also stopped it from happening