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Some bugs I've run into

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Not sure how this works exactly, but I'm here to either report a bug or confirm whether it's a bug or part of the gameplay. So here we go.
Oh, suppose it's worth mentioning that I'm on NA-PVE Official server.

  1. Disconnect from server, and have no talents that I had before.

There doesn't seem to be any consistency to this one, other than I'm offline and then when I log back in, I have no abilities but my level stays the same. Usually have to fix this with using the once per level respec, but I assume once I reach level 50 that won't be an option any longer. So hopefully this issue can be discovered and fixed before we get to that point. Otherwise, I might be re-rolling a character just so I can play.


2. Stuck digging a hole.

When using my shovel to dig for water or resources, it sometimes glitches where the animation keeps going but doesn't use up stamina. Sort of a friendly bug since it won't kill you, but could be inconvenient if you're out exploring and can't immediately repair that shovel. Also not quite sure why it occurs. Could be the animation isn't finished when I move, or try to perform the next dig too soon, or something else entirely. Regardless, pretty sure that's a bug.


3. Resources and mobs spawning inside player structures.

Currently, my crew and I are staying put on a lawless island until we can either find land that isn't overrun, or can better understand how the land claim works in pve. Been hearing a lot of horror stories about land claim, but back to the bug.

It could be just because your housing and structures are all considered temporary on lawless island, but regardless of where we build or how we build, it looks like the resource spawns continue as they would normally- As well as aggressive mob spawns. They spawn indoors, and immediately attack anyone they see. Damaging our structures in the process. No one's actually been killed while sleeping yet, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

Even when the structure is considered temporary, I don't think it's intentional that your base would have equal opportunity to just have mobs spawn inside of it. Resources you can deal with pretty easily. Mobs, not so much.

4. Tamed animals and even hired crew members have a maximum level cap that seems to be based on their level during taming or hiring?

Not sure if this is intentional or a bug. Kind of hoping it's a bug, if I'm honest.

This wasn't a feature in Ark, and I'm aware that Atlas isn't supposed to be like Ark necessarily, but it's not a fun mechanic if this is intentional. Part of the fun of taming wild beasts is training them. Watching them get stronger with your help and care. Not to mention that when you tame something, it's no where near as dangerous as it was before you tamed it. It had higher stats, health- stamina, damage. Unfortunately, if you've tamed something low level to start with, you're not going to get much of that. 

A level 1 lion will only achieve level 2, and then it no longer will gain Xp. It took about four of us just to tame a level 1 lion. Much of it was spent just wrangling, since the thing chose to flea rather than fight- However. It still took a great margin of our time, and player resources just to obtain the thing. Unfortunately, given it can only progress to level 2- It's basically as fragile as we are. Only we have the benefit of progression, and putting points in health to make that less of a truth. The lion doesn't. It's level 2 forever.

So is this gameplay? Or a bug? A post would be appreciated.

5. It never rains.

So this is more of a question than anything. Is weather in the game currently? Is it functioning properly?

Now I've heard some claims that people have already experienced the grand event on the high seas. Cyclones in a massive storm that you have to ride out, but I'm talking about more simple weather mechanics. A rainy day. Afternoon shower. Stuff of that nature.

Now, I'm in F12, which seems to be more of a desert themed biome. Lots of scalding weather, cold nights. But we're also on a larger island where there's greener vegetation. I was actually surprised to find that there wasn't a small pond or lake present. It seemed like the type of spot to have something like that. But it never rains. Not once have I ever actually seen it just rain, not even when I was in the freeport areas, which aren't desert like biomes. 

So is it supposed to? Or is that mechanic just not in yet? A post to confirm would be appreciated. 

I'd also like to take a small moment to say that I actually really enjoy the game. I think you've made some tremendous decisions when it comes building, and defusing the amount of clutter there was in Ark with crafting structure based items. The T to change option is a success for me. I can only imagine how many hours people are working to make the experience less rocky for people, as well as configuring how to handle certain aspects of the game as we continue to play and test them. So thank you for your time and effort.

- Athena Braithwate, of Banshee Crew


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Well hello again.

Here's some more questions, concerns, and possible bugs that may or may not need looking into.


[Question or Bug] Some cooking recipe items stack to 30, and some stack to 5. Is this a bug or feature? I assume it's the latter, though I'm not entirely sure why.

Some recipes give buffs, and are more difficult to make. That's why I'd assume you'd limit the number to be carried by making it only stack to 5. However, Spiced Rum only stacks to 5, but the buff is the same as you're common Ale. You still get drunk, for the same amount of seconds, and the same (presumably) amount of value. Ale is cheaper to make than spiced rum, stacks to 30 instead of 5- So why would I make Spiced Rum for more extravagant materials when ale gives me the same effect?

The only major difference between Spiced Rum and common Ale is the nutritional value you stand to gain. Spiced Rum gives vitamin B and C, and Ale only gives A. But I still don't think that outweighs the benefit. Which really leaves RPG factor.

Whatever it's purpose, it's not game breaking- Just a curiosity.

[Bug] Placing certain cooked items in preserving bags isn't preserving the first and/or second stack.

Because the item was outside of the bag when it started it's decay duration, it seems to continue to tick down as if it weren't in the bag regardless if you put it in or not. The spoil time does change, but not the actual timer. Example, it tells me it has 5 hours to spoil, but spoils in 30 minutes anyway.

[Question or Bug] Cyclones stalk your every move, each and every time it rains while you're at sea.

While high octane the first time you wander into a zone that has the chance, and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a cat 5 hurricane is exciting, it tends to simply be annoying after. Simply because it isn't a matter of chance, it's a fact. If it starts raining and you're on the water, you're going to be insistently battered and harassed by thousands of dangerous funnels.

If this is a feature, then it's not game breaking in anyway. It simply feel that it's just a bit unnatural and obnoxious. Weather doesn't act this way. If I could suggest anything, it would only be to make the cat 5 hurricane storm a chance per rain rather than every single time if you're on the water.
[Bug] Using the wheel option to transfer an animal to your ship feels like it works 60 percent of the time. Though recently I just figured out that you could just whistle the animal onto the deck, which seems to work 100 percent of the time. (Just in case someone's reading this who didn't know that. 😉 )

What's happening is that the animal goes to the lower decks instead of the top deck. Not a big deal if the animal is small. Sort of a big deal if they aren't, because getting them out means either taking out walls or, the anchoring trick. (Anchoring and un-anchoring so that the animal rises a few inches into the air until it finally floats up out of the floor boards so you can mount and move it.)

The other thing that occurs, is the animal glitches into the ocean. It stands at the sea bed, as if it were standing on the ship itself and drowns. I lost a lion to this bug. You cannot mount them while they're like this, but whistling them does work eventually.

[Bug] Journeyman Map spawn, in the arctic, inside a hill and will not spawn baddies to fight.

It's a bit disheartening to sail through five zones, find the island you're map is on, and get to the location and find out that it's not going to work and have to throw it out. The game isn't just about the treasure but the journey, I know. But the treasure is sort of the goal and the physical reward beyond the good times.

So what occurred, was me and my company-mates sailed out to L15 for a journeyman map on The Thundering Key island. The spawn appeared to be on the side of a large hill, but we had to use climbing picks to get up there. Unfortunately the spawn wasn't on stand-able ground, but if I climbing picked my way over there with the map it didn't spawn anything.

Clearly the spawn should be at the bottom of the hill then, right? Wrong. And I don't know if it's significant, but the eagle eye indicator for the map was green instead of red. It sort of looked like the same indicator to find your body after you had died.

[Question] Is there anyway we could get pillar snap points to the corners of foundations and ceilings, instead of just the middle?

Purely a question and/or request. 

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Ahoy! More creepy, crawly bug reports!

[Bug / Question] Can place new planks over old planks on boats, but not decks? 

Upgrading the brigs has been something of priority. We've fought baby ships of the damned, but we want to endure more before being holed and taking on water. Making blueprint planks and placing them in over the old ones seems to work no problem. But for some reason decks aren't, or just not as easily done. I'm assuming this is a bug, but it may just be something that happens. Decks hold things on them, where as none of my planks really do.

[Bug] Screen suddenly goes black, but my character is still in play.

Story time. I've been hunting for discovery points, as I'm sure most people have. So I'm climbing to the top of a mountain in the artic, to see whether discovery points happen atop mountains. Also saw some crystal formations, and was hoping to find gems too. Get to the tippy top of the mountain, and my screen suddenly goes black. It's not my monitor, because I'm still able to open up the menu to quit the game, mess with options, or resume. So I thought maybe I just slipped into the wall or something. Moving around leads to my demise. I stepped off the mountain and killed myself on accident. 

Respawning on a bed in my ship, still can't see a damn thing. I had to relog to fix the issue.

[Bug] Ship won't back up sometimes.

I'm sure this is just an issue with parking in shallow water, but sometimes when I dock, my ship doesn't want to back up again. There isn't anything visually obstructing it from doing so, it just won't back up as if there is something obstructing it. Usually I have to bend and twist her to get her out, but it shouldn't be an issue if nothing is there to bar it. I got in fine, so getting out should be fine. Ghost rocks?


[Bug] Vanishing Ship.

I made another thread about this, so I'll spare you the long winded tail. Essentially, I anchored my ship near a player built dock. Went to do some things. Came back, and she was gone. Apparently my ship teleported into a neighboring cell, anchored and everything. It was really weird. Have no idea why. Maybe it was the ghost rocks. 😱


That's all I got for now. Thanks for the game. I look forward to it's growth and improvement. 😊

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Ahoy again! I thought I should update this thread in case any of things I've run into as of late has yet to see the forums.

[Bug] Animals and NPC Crew falling through boat.

I can't imagine this hasn't been mentioned already, but it is happening as of patch 18.8. I think it has something to do with not being properly connected with a flat surface, or the boat. My crew members tend to look like they're falling forever. If I unseat them, and they end up floating on stairs- Eventually they'll just drop down a bit into the floor. But sometimes when I log in, all of them are doing it. It's very strange. I haven't lost a crew member to drowning or anything yet,  but I expect it to happen eventually if the bug isn't fixed.

As for animals, they just seem to drop off the boat and onto the sea floor; And they remain there, as if they're standing on the boat still. As if to connected to the floor itself. Had a pretty gnarly scare when I came back to my ship and found a giraffe submerged. I don't know if they lose oxygen while they're like that. Hope not! Would be quite a disappointing loss.

[Bug?] AI crew firing on fish when instructed to shoot only ships.

Recently we made a cannon tower to deal with any nasty, griefing issues that may or may not occur. (Playing on PVE) In case someone happened to intentionally, or accidentally bring a ship of the damned into our harbor to destroy our boats. At the very least, we would have something of a defense with the tower. This was of course before the changes had been made to anchored structures but still! The issue with the tower is that if we set the cannons to anything but stand down, they shoot at fish even when they're told to shoot only ships. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I just don't understand how the permissions and commands work. But just in case it is unintentional, thought it'd be better to say something.

[Bug] Female Lion, and other creatures, seem unresponsive when on ATTACK YOUR TARGET mode.

Another command issue, but I know this isn't working the way it was designed.

Essentially, the lioness is acting as though she's on passive. We take the carnivores out for a hunt, and when the attack is on, she stand at the back watching. She's been whistled to attack specific targets, whistled on to passive and then back to attack my target. Unless you are controlling her actions, she will not help fight. This happens with a few of my other tames as well.

For example, my bears tend to not attack things I am hitting unless they happen to get hit in the process of me fighting for my life. Once they're tagged, of course, they'll annihilate whatever it was. But not before, which is a shame if I get taken off the bears back by a lion, and have to fight my way back to it while it dumbly stands there. ATTACK MY TARGET, means when I hit something they're supposed to respond right?


[Bug] More tame and command issues.

Some animals don't respond to group whistle commands, even though they're set to heed group whistles and do- But only certain ones. This one seems to only affect tier 3 animals though. Elephants, giraffes, ect. 

Our base has a courtyard with a gate, and there are times when horses will wander into the courtyard when the gate is left open. We tame those horses. So naturally we have to whistle for all the animals to be passive during the process, so they don't leap on top of the animal when I hit it. However, whenever I group whistle them back to attack my target, the big ones don't actually return to that mode. I have to manually go through them and ensure they are on attack my target. Otherwise, you run the off chance something dangerous gets in and murders things it shouldn't be able to because they wouldn't defend themselves.

[Bug] Still cannot paint on canvas!

Don't think we've been able to do this since the game launched. Surprisingly, you can paint on nearly everything but a portrait canvas. This isn't a huge issue, of course. Just would be nice to have paintings and things in my company house to make the place look neat.

[Criticism & Suggestion] 

So, I know this thread is really for bugs and things that obviously weren't supposed to be apart of the experience but; I have a small request when it comes to building stuff.

I enjoy building in almost every game. I'm your type of player that enjoys the prospect of carving out civilization, and making cool towns and things. The changes that have been made from Ark to Atlas have been very positive changes. I enjoy that the interface has been cleaned up on consolidating the various shapes of wall. I enjoy that when you place a wood wall on a boat it appears differently than it does on land. I appreciate these things immensely!

However, a few things that bother me about the building system & other things:

  • Pillars should snap to corners of squares. Pretty please. Number 1 reason I don't use stone in most building stuff, is the weird jig-saw looking stuff that sticks out on corners of buildings. Pillars would solve that issue, and make it look more stylish. I would use pillars more on corners than at the very center of squares.
  • Tiny dockyard looks super cool, and I want to use the same visual for building out on water.
  • Praying so hard for neat little do-dads one can make purely for decoration. Little cups, jars, bowls, little boxes, trinkets, bird cages maybe? It's purely bonus if you can actually store things in them, like jars and smaller boxes on shelves. Actual shelves would also be cool.
  • Cannot paint ships white, or grey. I'm guessing because the way paint works in the game, is it's more of a tint than actual paint. Similar painting issues with walls and foundations, really. Any color that isn't super vibrant just doesn't show up really.
  • Can we have a medium sized gate that allows large tier 3 animals through, but doesn't look ridiculously massive? Not saying get rid of large gates, just give us an option between small and large.
  • We can pick up water barrels, but not preserving bags? Seems a bit odd that some items can be picked up and moved, but other things can't- And yet look like they can. I get not wanting to make the game completely convenient, but you have to take talents in order to even make preserving bags. Not sure why making them pick up able would be undesirable. Same with small chests, tables, and mortar & pestle.
  • Wagons that actually have a storage and carry function would also be something. Like I enjoy the item of mounting a gun on the back of a wagon, but I'd like to also use the wagon to haul other things too- Not just weaponized death and destruction. Farming resources is sort of a big part of this game, so I think it would only be natural to have that option if you're going to have carts and carriages.
  • NPC Traders not just in freeport, but hire-able for player towns in various zones across the Atlas. This is something a company mate suggested to me. He mentioned that it was done in another game, where players were able to establish they're own towns and then have NPC traders in shops in order to attract other people to visiting that town. Currently I have a little shop I designed for giggles. However, it would be really neat if I could hire a shopkeeper NPC and stick him in there to sell stuff from our company. Food items, and the like. For anyone who happens to wander past, and decide they need beets or something. It gives me a reason to ever stop at someone's town they built and spend time there, anyway. If I need wheat to cook something on the go on my brig, I could pop into Atlas Shrugged's town and visit a npc merchant that sells food that they farmed. They make gold, and I get my product.

Think that's enough out of me. Take it as you will, or leave it. Hope this has been helpful! Until next time.

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